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Choosing Where to Apply to Law School - An Admissions Officer's Guide
Research, Introspection, and Everything Else You Should Think About

Applying to the correct set of law schools will enhance your choices when it comes time to choose where to attend. My advice is that you apply to no more than nine law schools and use the following formula (feel free to modify, if needed, but make sure to keep at least one school in each category): You should apply to 3 “Safety Schools” – that is schools where based on your numeric profile and their numbers, you are likely to be admitted; 3 “Target Schools” – that is schools where based on your numeric profile and their numbers, you have a greater than 50% chance of being admitted. You should apply to 3 “Reach Schools” – that is schools where based on your numeric profile and their numbers, you are not likely to be admitted, but there remains a chance. ...

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DavidKirschner on Aug 25, 2023
Interacting Effectively with Law Schools
A Handy Guide on How to Not Become “That Guy"
MelodyWeigel on Aug 25, 2023
Writing Effective Legal Case Briefs for Law Students
How to write a case brief, complete with examples
cryptanon on Aug 15, 2023
10 Essential Tips for Acing Your Law School Application
Your Roadmap to Success (and More Reading)
cryptanon on Aug 15, 2023

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Can someone explain the difference between the LSData percentiles and the aba percentiles? I understand what the aba data is, what do the LSData percentiles represent?
it takes the averages of only the applicants on LSD whereas ABA has every applicant's info i believe
or accepted applicant rather
Any predictions for next Berkeley E wave?
Could happen any day now. Could happen in three weeks.
I feel like I’ve really given up control and the waves come when they come lol
I just got a UVA interview invite, kinda random timing but I'll take it
Best of luck!
How we doing today
Did anyone elses WashU status change from "under committee review" to nothing?
Received interview invite from Northwestern and Cornell. Good sign?
Must be!
northwestern is automatic. cornell very good sign
Thanks. I was wondering about that. Now have to figure out how to prepare. Lol
northwestern is very generic why law, why nu, leadership. Cornell is very unique (and fun)
UVA ii yessss!!!!
@CalculatingGroovyPelican: u just got one? on a Saturday?
I did. Was not expecting it but great way to wake up
T20 schools that're splitter friendly?
@EasyGoin22: cornell very good sign and they have fun interview!
@FixedShortRattlesnake: U Minn, GTown, Duke, Penn, Cornell I would say all carry that reputation to varying extents
WashU and UGA also
UGA is almost auto admit for 169+ and WashU is almost auto admit for 173+
UF if u above 170
@GullibleTurtle: Yeah it was surprising to say the least
Does anyone know what UF stipends look like? Going into a scholarship interview soon and want to have a good idea what the stakes are
Idk I got full tuition + 6k annually
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