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Law School Gap Year(s)?
A Discussion of my Decision to Wait Until the Year After Undergrad to Apply to Law School

Although not be the right path for everyone, a gap year between undergrad and law school can provide benefits to: outcomes in law school admissions, grades and learning during the school year, and career opportunities....

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Pilea on Jul 31, 2022
LSAT & Application Timeline as an Undergrad
How to Structure the College --> Law School Timeline
Pilea on Jul 31, 2022
Hacking the Law School Application
AKA Get as much free stuff as you can
Windsor on Jul 31, 2022
What are all these law degrees other than a JD?
Is a Master of Jurisprudence the same as a Master of Law?
Windsor on Jul 31, 2022

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What is GMU waiting on...
Still haven’t heard from GMU? I haven’t.
there orientation starts tmrw for pt and monday for ft
GMU said they could wait until the first day of class to make admissions off the waitlist. Which obviously doesn’t make sense.
I still haven’t heard from gmu either, being PT I’m pretty anxious that orientation is literally tomorrow
I wonder if they’re waiting to see if a few people don’t show up for orientation and then make decisions on the waitlist based on that
shout out to getting WL > R by two schools in under 24 hours
its def gonna happen again because I started out with 9 WL and still have 5 left
@ GMU folks -- Im anxious too.. dont want to miss orientation
Guys, the LSAC people processed my GPA and it's 0.2 better than I thought
hah that's amazing
Guys, the cycle is over.
It's done. We made it.
Finally now its our time class of 2026 >:)
zoomers unite
anyone just get a BC waitlist feeler email?
@jl00: congrats on BC!!!
Just applied to Arizona State. Applications opened today for 2023, and I had all my stuff ready for today. They already waive their fees for everyone, plus I got a fee waiver from LSAC themselves. My chances aren't high, but I'm really proud of myself for applying.
Good luck @Datzookman!
@FryCookLLP: thank you so much!!
So exciting! Can't believe apps are opening up...
@Datzookman: Congrats!!!!
Good luck!
Eating beans.
finished eating beans
this website is fascinating. look at the 169 wall for UF. Insane
any upenn WL updates or am I doomed
are there still a lot on the WL? anyone know
You guys think Duke will take someone ED with a 3.6/170?