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Law School Admissions Essay
Tips to make the personal statement drafting process less painful

This article aims to help with the personal statement drafting process by providing a step-by-step breakdown to follow, to help with brainstorming ideas, ensure applicants have enough time to write, and orient towards helpful, free, outside resources to take advantage of. ...

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Pilea on Aug 29, 2022
Law School Gap Year(s)?
A Discussion of my Decision to Wait Until the Year After Undergrad to Apply to Law School
Pilea on Jul 31, 2022
LSAT & Application Timeline as an Undergrad
How to Structure the College --> Law School Timeline
Pilea on Jul 31, 2022
Hacking the Law School Application
AKA Get as much free stuff as you can
Windsor on Jul 31, 2022

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which coincidentally was all they admitted last year
Makes me wonder how nice the scholarships were and how many of these people with 16high-17mid had bama and uga as their only acceptance
waiting is the worst part haha
ah, I see UVA is right on queue
How do you set up a status checker for BU?
WashU also told me by my interview to get ready to wait
To anyone else who got the UMN II, it's super easy. no stress. just 2 fun questions
I applied Washu ED and I'm supposed to get a response tomorrow
I was told so during my interview on the 16th
Good luck to you! Gotta be nerve racking. I prefer not knowing when a decision will come lol
Thank you, today especially has been the single slowest day of my life lol
Good luck!!
Just went URII at gulc post interview. Anyone else?
@ColtsForTheShoe: how do you know if you are in uRII does it say URII on your status checker or just update to under review again?
I went to a status change when I got the Interview invite and then again
never went "under review" but when application complete date change twice
copy, had that same thing happen for a different school, hoping it's good news
@cgr-720: good luck!!
ED A @ Cornell!!!!!! 3.78 170
wow thats fast! Congrats
Thanks! just trolling tho
Columbia hasn't set status checker to anyone else right
People on reddit say that they don't think Columbia will actually send you an email w/ it
you'd have to check your self w/ your LSAC #
oooh okay lemme see
I got a "Temporarily Unavailable" error so I'm guessing its whack like UVA rn
Do you have any worries about attending Columbia regarding the scandal?
I had a date change after gulc too, wasnโ€™t sure if that meant URII or what
Does anyone know when wake forest will begin to release decisions?