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Our leadership team has over eighteen whole months of combined experience in graduate school, finance, dog walking, and blockchain. We were brought together by a fierce desire to give every student the power to succeed in school and beyond.

Dinan (cryptanon)
HLS ‘22
Tech-focused creator of LSD.Law. Just wants to make neat stuff.
Jarron (windsor)
MIT Sloan ‘22
Recovering partner of a law school/internship/clerkship applicant. Constantly droning on and on that ‘businesses’ need to ‘make money’ because of ‘crippling student debt’.


Others who have helped make LSD the place it is today.

  • nota999 - GULC '24 (moderator)
  • JoeD - Penn '24 (moderator)
  • apple12 - WUSTL '24 (moderator)
  • FlamingKoala - UGA '24 (moderator)
  • Grandma - WUSTL '24 (moderator)
  • Hamotron - NU '25 (moderator)
  • TroutLawyer - UMich '25 (moderator)
  • StandUnderNone - UND '25 (moderator)
  • Zachary Swanson - NUSL '26 (whitehat)


Going to law school is a life changing decision. It usually takes three years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Simply "becoming a lawyer" is not a guarantee to a happy ending.

It's imperative that applicants make thoughtful, well-informed decisions in this process. LSData was created to help applicants do so.

Law school itself showed us that the lack of helpful resources doesn’t get much better after you get into school. We expanded LSData to create a single place where people can find resources, gripe, and learn; before law school, in law school, and beyond.


We make money from referral links, which are all accompanied by a disclosure.

We will never sell your data and will never preference products because we are getting paid for them. However, we need to make some money to keep this thing going and we figured we could either get paid for products you are using anyway, or ask for donations with a ton of banner ads (like wikipedia).

If you ever find a product cheaper somewhere else, please let us know immediately, and we will share that path with everyone else.



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@trox99: my friend who is a 1L at washu law had to wait about a month for scholarship info :/
[] trox99
I’m ED and word on the street was that we would get them back today
fingers crossed!
What is the timeline to submit apps early/in cycle for Duke?
[] trox99
Hopefully guess we shall see, thank you
if anyone needs ideas for hobbies to work on while handling this cycle, i am in the process of writing a freaking dnd campaign
i'm in the same boat -- i'm trying to start running more and playing the new starfield game
@EmptyGoat: have you played Baldur's gate 3 at all?
@ClerkHopeful: I have not! I’m waiting for it to come out on Xbox! Have you?
does having a MA increase your chances in admissions?
[] WhisperingWillingBoar
Popcornlover81 - Almost not at all, but no one can really say for sure.
along the same vein, I understand admissions are hyperfocused on LSAT scores, but about gpa - would it make a diff that my GPA was higher in grad school (MA) vs. my undergrad GPA?
[] trox99
No not really
[] trox99
Undergrad GPA is what gets reported for their stats
Ok, that makes sense
Hey, so my CAS transcript evaluation shows my GPA as Superior (because Im a foreign applicant). Does anybody know what superior means in GPA terms? Like a 3.9 or 4?
[] trox99
I’m not sure if you can really put a number on an international GPA
[] trox99
I think it basically means you are effectively a median GPA candidate since you don’t hurt their stats.
[] trox99
In other words, there becomes a ton of emphasis on the LSAT, so you better be above median
But i have heard that the CAS evaluation for international transcripts is categorised into 3: Superior, above average and below average.
So, considering it is superior it would be some kind of a boost right. Cus atm I'm a super splitter.
@trox99 doesn’t know anything more then the rest of us. Contact the admissions office and ask lol
@EmptyGoat: I have been wanting to get into dnd for years at this point
[] trox99
Just from the research I’ve done and things I’ve read… of course I could be wrong🤷🏼‍♂️
[] trox99
Superior is obviously the best but I still think that the LSAT is far more important and is going to be what ultimately gets you either accepted or denied
[] ararara
Happy Saturday LSD! Hope everyone is healthy and killing it out there!
[] ararara
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