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Decide if you are going to take the LSAT or GRE December 1-31

Every ABA accredited law school accepts the LSAT and more and more accept the GRE. A strong LSAT score is valuable to law schools because that is what they report to USNews and other ranking programs. If you are planning to only take the GRE, then you can mark the next couple steps as complete becasue they are LSAT specific.

Take a diagnostic LSAT December 1-31

A diagnostic LSAT is the best place to start. Your score on the diagnostic is not very important. What really matters is how comfortable you feel with each section so that you can decide if you want to use a prep course, a 1-on-1 tutor, or study on your own. You can find a free diagnositic on Khan academy. This is also a good time to make an account on LSAC.org because you will be using that site a lot. Making an account is free but there are fees you will have to pay too LSAC to do much else.

Decide which LSAT(s) you are going to take December 1-31

This is the first point where you can actually plan out the next weeks/months/years. In the whole process, you have the least control over the LSAT dates, so they are good thing to use to plan everything else.

Apply for a LSAC fee waiver January 1-31

Not everyone is eligible for an LSAC fee waiver, but this is an important step. If the ~$1500 dollars it costs to apply to law school is going to be a financial burden then we recommend applying for a fee waiver. You might not get it, but it can't hurt to try. The LSAC will not issue any refunds if you are approved for a waiver after you pay for something, so apply for a waiver early.

Make a plan to study for the LSAT January 1-31

Everyone's schedule will be slightly different based on how you are going to prepare (self, course, or tutor) but the important thing is making a plan

Register for the LSAT(s) that you plan to take January 1-31

You can register for the LSAT about a year out and the deadline is typically one month in advance of the test.

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haha thanks feels like a dream
Congrats!! Go get some ice cream!
Dear Waitlist, I am overjoyed to hear the incredible news! All of your hard work, perseverance, and dedication have finally paid off. This is a monumental achievement, and I couldn't be prouder of you. Your journey through the uncertainty and challenges has only highlighted your strength and determination. This moment is just the beginning of your long and unwritten success story. Every step you've taken has led you to this point, and now, your path forward is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. Your time in purgatory is no longer; you have emerged stronger and more resilient than ever. -glove
@GloveDontSplitUMustAcquit: yo whats up
im on pace to be temple bound the way my pt's have been homie
@GloveDontSplitUMustAcquit: ty so much! that means a lot, so excited! manifesting waitlist movement for all of you <3
uga A
[] ararara
Go Dawgs and congratulations absolutely everybody!
Sounds good glove. I think they give really good aid usually
do we think they'll be any waitlist movement today
What school(s) are u hoping for? @splitterus
stanford NYU and Columbia (umich too but I dont their will be movement)
super stressed ab it
woooo waitlist! congrats
oh yay congrats!
dang hell woods getting off 2 WLs
looks like he got a little $ at gulc though so i feel like it might be a tough decision
i’m betting he goes to northwestern he kinda hates gulc
Hang on - either the person asking about "NU vs Gtown when GULC is $45K cheaper?" yesterday was HellWoods (understandable tbh, people have all kinds of reactions to the handle atp) or this is memeing abt the other user
could you imagine if it’s was incognito hell
after hell kinda got quiet and deleted his reddit i have seen a few accounts here that im pretty sure are Hell alts
but they're usually civil and i can never be 100% sure so i just let it ride
mmm hell is amongus
cheering for you hell, glad it turned out well for you
[] ararara
Haven’t clicked their profile lately but they might not be done. Cycle isn’t over yet. I know users with the same stats who each got 1 T 14 school last cycle. This is huge.
[] ararara
@hellwoods if you see this, none our legal goals come complete with eternal life and dancing shoes. Think about your purpose if you don’t have one. Congrats.
[] ararara
None of our*
Judge Holden?
Has anyone else tried to email lsd.law and see the addresses were not valid?
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