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That is where HYS self select for richy rich skids lol If you can have law school cost 300K in loans vs spending 300K in loans on living, which experience is better? Lol not everyone has the bank of mommy and daddy making it so financial considerations are irrelevant.
this one has like almost no scams since you need to make a profile affiliated with harvard. all the other websites like zillow, apartments.com, or craiglist is full of sus shit that you need to triple check are real units
Oh yeah I am using that
filter for 12-month leases so you don't see all the sublets, its summer so its sublet season right now
I need to move in now
not august for a lot of the apartments
then find a sublet for a month till august then move into your new year-long lease
also this facebook page is amazing, there are a lot of HLS adjacent units being posted right now
Good chance you can find someone stuck in a lease til September who got a summer job somewhere else or went back home who will rent it out to you for the remainder of their lease.
No no sorry
there are also the law school dorms if you want to try secure housing through them, but the move in date is the week of registration, so you would still have to sublet if you need to move right now
I meant a lot of the apartments want me to move in now
I want to move in during august
not June
Soeaking of facebook, that will be a great place to find location specific rentals that are not typical (aka no lease) even if you do not exclusively search for student housing tied to a school (not residence, just pages for students only).
message them and ask if they are flexible, on the fb page and on the Harvard off-campus housing website i shared earlier there are a lot of 8/1 leases i can see in my view
out of messages but good luck searching, you were smart enough to get into HLS, im sure you are smart enough to figure this out now that you have the tools
Well then just keep looking lol most of the landlords want to lock people in until September (you can lose your damage deposit and not pay the last 3 months if you want to just dip lmfao), which makes it ao the best places go to students who will sign for extra time. This is one reason some tutors say you should unofficially make your law school choices/decision deadline may 15.
@SplitterNoQuitter: correlation/causation flaw lmfao
thanks. God bless you!
good luck scorp!
Scorp eats in the finest restaurants, knows the FINEST women, and is e5. No luck needed! Lmfao
When the kjd gets into their school off the advice from the 3rd cycle R&R who didn’t get any T14 As (again): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JTZPMJj-X9M&pp=ygUNQmFtYmkgbW9ydGhlcg%3D%3D
Bambi is literally deer propaganda
Go off
Lol tell me about “Big Deer” lol
@GreenJumbledScorpion: I've lived in the Cambridge area before and for years. There are almost always a decent amount of places that go on the market in late August and early September.
Just fyi. I'm still going to start looking well before then. But it's not like everything that will be for rent in the area already is.
@BankruptcyAndRestructuringLawIsCool: thanks for calming me down
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