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Did you apply there?
I applied to richmond, got in, visited, the campus is amazingly prety, but the law school is aged and small. The next two years will see the school being rennovated to an extent. This fall there won't be an accessible law library. There were only like 3 classrooms in the school, I doubt that's really an issue though
My main hang up about the school is that they kept telling everyone how well they place students in PI. That richmond has a good ammount of state clerkships, and that their students haveno problem finding work for small aw firms. This along with their lack of empoyment data was a big red flag for me
Living expenses weren't as bad as DC, but still weren't great either
Anyone here anything from Tulane?
How many people would you predict are on a waitlist for a given school and haven’t withdrawn, yet are committed to another school? Do law schools know when you have accepted with another school?
Because surely some people just forget to pull themselves off the WL
I think a handful of people for sure but i don't think schools know when you commit elsewhere
Yeah I wish people would pull themselves off if they knew they weren’t going to go there even if accepted
thanks for the reminder though ahha i have to take myself off of pace's
Lol yes friendly reminder to all to PLEASE take yourself off if you know you won’t go if admitted
what school(s) are you waiting for?
Emory and UGA!
Uga is full so more so hoping for Emory
how do you know if a school is full? did they let you guys know?
good luck!!! fingers crossed for you
I emailed them and uga let me know they are full but told some people on priority that they may admit a few in late July
oh dang that's nice of them. i wish i got info like that from loyola chi or drexel
im praying i get off wisc's WL though
Can you send someone a message privately on this site?
i don;t think so! if if there is a way idk
How's everyone's day going?
Withdrew my UT acceptance to go elsewhere. Hope someone gets off the waitlist
so, seriously... Pepperdine? Anyone? Bueller?
Still nothing for me
gmu the silence is killing me
Another $250 to Southwestern.
@AbbyNourmal: are you waiting for a decision or on the waitlist? I think they are still going through applicants since their deadline was extended to June 1st this year
I saw a post on reddit that someone who applied in January just got their decision so they may be really backed up