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But you are applying for law school this fall right? @ValleyH
@ValleyH: you are gonna have a great experience. obviously the paralegal work itself may not be super interesting and stimulating but i can attest that i feel so much closer to the world of law and have a deeper appreciation of things just by working in a legal setting
@dkkm10: correct! WL’d at SMU so that’s my first goal but I wanna dip into law and get a better feel before reapplying :)
@ValleyH: okay sounds good. Just know that a lot of paralegal work is business administration too. Yeah you have to draft stuff and know the law to an extent but you also can't give specific legal advice to people's cases. If you do not like it, don't let it discourage you from pursuing law school. That's all I got.
Villanova give final decision pls
it happened yall
no more waitlistpurgatory!!
spider u still here?
result @waitlist?
got into seton hall
haha thanks feels like a dream
Congrats!! Go get some ice cream!
Dear Waitlist, I am overjoyed to hear the incredible news! All of your hard work, perseverance, and dedication have finally paid off. This is a monumental achievement, and I couldn't be prouder of you. Your journey through the uncertainty and challenges has only highlighted your strength and determination. This moment is just the beginning of your long and unwritten success story. Every step you've taken has led you to this point, and now, your path forward is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. Your time in purgatory is no longer; you have emerged stronger and more resilient than ever. -glove
@GloveDontSplitUMustAcquit: yo whats up
im on pace to be temple bound the way my pt's have been homie
@GloveDontSplitUMustAcquit: ty so much! that means a lot, so excited! manifesting waitlist movement for all of you <3
uga A
[] ararara
Go Dawgs and congratulations absolutely everybody!
Sounds good glove. I think they give really good aid usually
do we think they'll be any waitlist movement today
What school(s) are u hoping for? @splitterus
stanford NYU and Columbia (umich too but I dont their will be movement)
super stressed ab it
woooo waitlist! congrats
oh yay congrats!
dang hell woods getting off 2 WLs
looks like he got a little $ at gulc though so i feel like it might be a tough decision
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