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on this site and reddit, you are going to run into a lot of people who can only help you with t20 schools
If I get into Brooklyn I'd likely go there instead
But I'm basically trying to see if my worst-case is a viable option
have you considered st john's?
Yea I applied I'm waiting to hear back
probably same thing where I'd go st johns over nyls if accepted
i have a friend who got a full ride there
Oh wow
what stats?
and she is very happy with her choice after attending ASW
i can't remember exactly but like 3.6 and 164ish
yeah I'm really hoping to get into st johns or brooklyn
well it sounds like you are doing the right thing by applying to all the nyc schools with biz offerings
But I feel like I would go to NYLS if it was my only option in nyc
thanks ugliestseriouscat
nyls has the added benefit of the lay people not recognizing the difference between it and nyu
if you are working in healthcare, they are literally not going to notice it is not the same school
yeah if i say it fast enough
the name sounds good
Guess I should wait for all decisions before thinking too hard about it
yes that is the hardest part
i got WL by fordham today
Iโ€™m freaking out
I just realized I never received a confirmation email from one of the schools that I applied to in Oct
But LSAC charged me
Email or call the school @ElderlyMuteRattlesnake
happy friday yall <3 stuck at the airport for the next hr waiting for my grandmas plane but wishing yโ€™all Aโ€™s and lots of good news today !!