How Do I Pay for Law School

It isn't easy, but it can be done!
Apr 2, 2023

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  1. How you will pay for law school is dependent on a few factors
  2. Determine how much it will cost you
  3. Things to keep in mind when borrowing for law school
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How you will pay for law school is dependent on a few factors like: 

  1. How much you have in savings and plan to put towards school.
  2. How much help you will get from your family. This might be in the form of direct support like cash, rent payment, a place to live, tuition support, hugs, or whatever. Or more indirect support, like cosigning on a loan.
  3. Your credit score and credit history
  4. The financial aid policies at the school you are going to 
  5. Scholarships you can receive from the school you attend, or outside organizations

When it comes down to it, in order to pay for law school you have to determine how much it will cost you: 

  1. Figure out the cost of attendance at your school after you subtract financial aid and/or scholarships
  2. Determine how much money you (or family members) are going to pay out of pocket directly towards tuition 
  3. Determine how much money you have in savings that you want to use for things like rent and food. Also consider any ongoing support your family might provide.
  4. Finally once you take the estimated cost of attendance and subtract out the above, then you are left with how much money you will have to borrow each year. 

Things to keep in mind when borrowing for law school. 

First, some good news, if you plan to do a private sector (or a very very rare paying public interest) internship during your 1L or 2L summer, then you will make some money which can help pay tuition or living expenses. Unfortunately, some schools will reduce need-based financial aid if you make money over the summer (or during the school year) so be sure to check with schools if you are comparing them based on cost. 

Next, a recommendation. Budgeting is the worst, and it is also super important. Tuition, rent, gas, Netflix, coffee, healthcare, school health fee (which seems like a scam since you also pay for insurance), books, supplies, food, coffee, fun with friends, coffee, parking, coffee. It all adds up. It’s manageable and you can (probably) get a loan to cover most of it, but loans are expensive and you have to pay them back, so the less you borrow the better.  

Finally, a friendly warning. Law school is long (at least 3 years) and expensive, interest is the worst, and lawyers don’t automatically make a lot of money after they graduate. Schools rarely (I’ve yet to see it anywhere) report the cost of attendance for all three years in one place; probably because $90,000 is scary, but not as scary as $270,000, and they want you to attend and pay them money. Since these numbers are big, it is important to plan for the 10 years after law school, or at least take a few minutes to think about it. To learn more about law school loans you can check out our toolshereor one of our articles about choosing the right loans like this one.

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