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Is law school worth the money?

Maybe. What you should really be asking is "Do you want to be a lawyer?"
Tags: Value of Law School, Money, Choosing to Go to Law School
Oct 16, 2022
Windsor MIT '22, Harvard College Advisor

I am the half of LSD that didn't take the LSAT, or go to law school (Sorry about that). But I did go to MIT business school while surrounded by law students and lawyers, so I am somewhat qualified to talk about the intricacies of law school apps and finances.

Windsor (the dog) didn't write this but he WAS a Resident Tutor and career advisor at Harvard College with me, so deserves some credit.

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General chat about the legal profession.
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Tell us what's important to you
or if humanities, classics and philosophy
Fuck my georgetown date just disappeared
well it was this cycle lol
lol toad
i heard philosophy good for lsat
if status date disappears
decision comes in 24hrrs
Hopefully its an A
philosophy is also good for unemployment
I was thinking about doing some applied math
do that
Philosophy is good if ur really really good at it
Thats what happened to me for Texas AM, status date disappeared next day got W
my date disappeared fri and i have no decision
for georgetown
Thats nervewracking
But to be good at philosophy is honestly one of the hardest things to do imo
Better to do history
Do you guys think major matters that much if I get like a 4.2 LSAC gpa/ 4.0
omg i love history
only reason I didnt study phil is because I wanted to know more about the subject when I end then when I started
Dont do electrical engineering
i'm a philosophy major and it helped with critical reading skills
major does matter
yale takes that into account if u have high gpa
phil is goated for legal field
LSD+ is ad-free, with DMs, discounts, case briefs & more.