What is an Origination Fee ? Plus Other Terms You Should Know When Borrowing for Law School

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Apr 2, 2023

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Like every industry (probably worse than most industries) finance throws around terms and expects you to keep up or fall behind. This is LSD's attempt to cut through some of the noise and help you understand the terms they will throw at you when you try to borrow money a public (U.S. Government) or private (any lender or bank) loan.

What is an origination fee? 

  1. If your loan has an origination fee then you will receive less money than you borrow. If you have a 4% origination fee, then you will get 96% of whatever you borrow. Borrow $10k, you will receive $9,600, and interest will accrue on the full $10k. -LSData 
  2. “An origination fee is a percentage of your loan amount charged by the lender for the processing of your loan. Federal student loans have an origination fee; therefore, the amount you may receive as a disbursement may be slightly lower than the amount you accept.” -studentaid.gov

The loans I am applying for have application fees, is that normal?

  1. In short, no; You should reconsider the lender if they are charging application fees. None of our partner lenders charge application fees. 
  2. If you are in a credit position where you can’t qualify for any federal loans or private loans (from more reputable lenders) that you need to attend school, then we recommend reaching out to your university for guidance.  

What is a cosigner?

  1. Simply put, a cosigner is someone who agrees to pay your loans if you can't.
  2. Since two people are putting their name and credit on the line (COSIGN-ing, get it?) you can usually get a better rate than you could alone.
  3. Most private lenders require a cosigner, unless your credit is really strong (above a ~650-680).

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I am the half of LSD that didn't take the LSAT, or go to law school (Sorry about that). But I did go to MIT business school while surrounded by law students and lawyers, so I am somewhat qualified to talk about the intricacies of law school apps and finances.

Windsor (the dog) didn't write this but he WAS a Resident Tutor and career advisor at Harvard College with me, so deserves some credit.


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At this point, what I want is an OSU A with a full ride. Judging from lsd data, that seems realistic. If that happens, it'll come down, most likely, to OSU and a small handful of (slightly) better schools that haven't given me a full ride.
honestly, i think they overlooked a lot of 1/22 II's @8888887777776t6t
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the latter
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Silly question: Is the standard procedure for withdrawing an acceptance/waitlist to simply email the admissions department/primary contact?
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if your school does not do out of 4.3, then you have nothing to worry about. :)
For a scholarship that has an additional essay do yall think the scholarship committee reads your full app to that school plus the extra essay or just the extra essay? Trying to figure out if things would be too repetitive
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