What is a Case Brief Generator

and should you use one?
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Apr 2, 2023

Looking for the LSD Instant Brief Tool?

What is a case brief generator?

A law case brief generator is an online tool designed to help law students and legal professionals structure case briefs quickly and easily. Essentially, typical case brief generators are just pdf templates that help you format your briefs.

Typical generators works by asking people to input specific information about the case, such as the name of the case, the jurisdiction, the procedural history, the issues presented, and the holding. Then the generator uses organizes the information into a formatted case brief, which the user can then download, print, or save as a PDF. Some case brief generators may also provide additional features, such as the ability to add annotations, highlight key points, or share the brief with others.

Using a case brief generator can make formatting a little easier, but but you are still writing out the majority of the information yourself. This makes it a great tool for briefing cases, but not a great tool for reducing your workload.

How is LSD+ Instant Brief tool different?

Instead of a template under the guise of a generator, the Instant Brief tool actually generates case briefs. LSD+ has over 50,000 case briefs which is close to the most (if not the most) of any case brief company, but there are over 6,000,000 US cases that law schools around the country teach in full or in part. So the Instant Brief tool lets you brief nearly any US case that may be taught in your class even if it isn't a main focus or a 'big' case. If you might have to read it, then we want to be able to brief it for you.

How does the Instant Brief tool work?

We use state-of-the-are natural language processing tools to sift through the entire original case text, summarize at multiple levels with our 'Deep Dive' summary, and pull out the key information in an ICRA format. (ICRA is a little different than the typical IRAC structure. You can learn more about why we structure it differently here)

LSD has a lot of briefs (maybe the most anywhere) but we don't have them all. So, if you are looking for a brief and we don't have it, you just have to input the case name or the citation and we will start briefing it immediately. Check it out here.

Is the Instant Brief as good as a person?

The best way to test Instant Briefs is to try it for yourself. We occasionally run open brief periods when you can try LSD+ briefs without a subscription, and we always have a 14-day risk free trial so you can try with confidence!

We will be the first to admit that our case briefs aren't perfect, but we will also say they are pretty darn good. You will find mistakes in any brief service, and you will find mistakes in our briefs, too. In addition to making the briefs as clear and concise as possible, we have an easy to use thumbs up and thumbs down tool that allows for feedback so that we can fix mistakes as soon as they are pointed out. Our main goal is to give you accurate briefs quickly, and like everything on LSData we can always use your help!

What is the point of the Instant Brief tool?

We want to make law school a little easier. Specifically, we want to help you cut down on reading time to make class prep a breeze.

The amount of time required to prepare for law school each week can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the student's study habits, course load, and personal schedule. However, on average, law school students can expect to spend around 20 to 30 hours per week preparing for class and completing assignments.

This time is spent reading assigned cases and legal materials, preparing case briefs and outlines, participating in class discussions and exercises, studying for exams, and completing writing assignments and research projects.

In addition, to time spent in class many law school students also participate in extracurricular activities, such as law journals, moot court, and student organizations, which can require additional time and effort. Doesn't mean you have to do extracurriculars but most students do.

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