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BA Poli Sci, BA Legal Studies, MPP
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T2: state dept national scholarship; T3: FGLO, senior thesis, death of chronically ill parent in college; T4: 2x congressional intern, sorority leadership (local and nationally), 1x state senator internship, student government, honors society
worked 2-3 jobs throughout college while being a full time student and active student leader
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School apps

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
89 American University Accepted RDregular decision $30,000 Dec 13 2022-12-13 Dec 20 2022-12-20 Jan 11 2023-01-11 Jan 13 2023-01-13
29 Boston College Waitlisted RDregular decision
27 Boston University Waitlisted RDregular decision Dec 13 2022-12-13 May 19 2023-05-19
8 Columbia University Rejected RDregular decision May 03 2023-05-03
29 Fordham University Rejected RDregular decision Jan 13 2023-01-13
32 George Mason University Waitlisted RDregular decision Feb 20 2023-02-20
35 George Washington Un... Waitlisted RDregular decision Dec 17 2022-12-17 Dec 23 2022-12-23
15 Georgetown University Rejected RDregular decision Apr 22 2023-04-22
5 Harvard University Rejected RDregular decision
71 Northeastern University Accepted RDregular decision May 23 2023-05-23
10 Northwestern University Rejected RDregular decision Apr 14 2023-04-14
60 St. John's University Accepted RDregular decision $75,000 Feb 01 2023-02-01
1 Stanford University Pending RDregular decision
133 Suffolk University Accepted RDregular decision $105,000 Jan 10 2023-01-10 Jan 12 2023-01-12 Jan 27 2023-01-27
122 Syracuse University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $120,000
10 UCBerkeley Rejected Unknown Feb 02 2023-02-02 Feb 10 2023-02-10 Feb 14 2023-02-14 Mar 14 2023-03-14
14 UCLos Angeles Rejected RDregular decision
71 UConnecticut Accepted RDregular decision $69,042 Jan 13 2023-01-13 Jan 31 2023-01-31 Feb 17 2023-02-17
167 UMassachusetts Dartm... Accepted RDregular decision $91,355
10 UMichigan Rejected RDregular decision Dec 29 2022-12-29 Feb 10 2023-02-10
16 UMinnesota Waitlisted RDregular decision Feb 02 2023-02-02 Mar 06 2023-03-06
4 UPennsylvania Rejected RDregular decision Feb 07 2023-02-07 Feb 27 2023-02-27 Mar 14 2023-03-14
89 UPittsburgh Accepted RDregular decision $48,000 Jan 27 2023-01-27 Mar 24 2023-03-24 Mar 25 2023-03-25
16 USouthern California Rejected Unknown Apr 21 2023-04-21
16 UTexas at Austin Waitlisted RDregular decision Dec 17 2022-12-17 Dec 20 2022-12-20 Jan 13 2023-01-13
8 UVirginia Rejected RDregular decision Dec 15 2022-12-15 Jan 18 2023-01-18 Apr 14 2023-04-14
1 Yale University Rejected Unknown Feb 06 2023-02-06


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just some stupid accounting jargon
my boss told me the pcaob is the enemy and if they are in the office we need to be quiet in the hallways, lmao, so there is that i guess
hey what study mats. have you used and whats your study schedule/routine like? also do you think its beneficial if i hire a private tutor?
Tutors usually are a waste of money unless you have specific things you need to work on
7sage is a really good option for studying
[] ararara
Do not think tutors are a waste of money or that all tutoring experiences are equal but ultimately it’s going to come down to you and how much work you put in!
[] ararara
Get fee waivers then lsat demon is free for 3 months and 7 sage costs a dollar a month!
Wow Ara out here promoting a demon
Unholy activities
I had a tutor, I worked with for some months.. and he really helped me understand the LSAT... It helped me more than self studying
@Sunshine0303: I use 7sage. I do 1 PT every other day and mostly drill only LG. After I get to -1 or -2 LG super consistently will probably pivot to RC since my LR has always been really great. That's been working great for me.
But yeah I do
PT Drilling, Drilling, PT Drilling, PT , etc etc
Also does anyone think there is a reason to use LSAT Demon over 7sage? Seems just like a more expensive option and not sure if I am missing some differentiator
I would avoid LSAT demon. They have a documented history of shady practices - see: https://www.reddit.com/r/LSAT/comments/1bhr6hi/why_a_certain_company_is_restricted_here/
i mean if you are single and want an lsat demon e-bf it might be a good option
[] ararara
@Mountaineer99: yo ❤️ and everyone else what’s up fools 🤠 hope you’re having a great Saturday!
[] ararara
I think it’s important for people to find what works for them! Not that prep is better or worse than other prep! Haven’t clicked that link but I’ve seen 7 sage, demon, blueprint all be shady fs!
[] ararara
(Also what sets demon/7 sage apart fee waiver program makes them free!)
I think 7sage is only good when it comes to it's drilling and analytics, it's curriculum and preptest platform aren't very good and I prefer the official LSAC resources for those. I don't really see why shady practices should stop you from choosing a study material though, sounds chronically online to me
lsat demon may well be good, though I haven't tried it
7sage got me from 162 diagnostic to 177 official in less than 2 months. I recommend it
did cls send a whole bunch of decisions today??
@MangoMuncher99: no i think they’re from the Friday wave which seems way bigger than we realized
Wow this site has gottens ooo much nicer than it was a few years ago
I'm a 20-21 cycle who is a 3L now. Applying to LLM programs, anyone know anything about how those decisions work lol?
[] ararara
@SouthernYank97: I kind of do but also just want to say this comment means so much! I’m a reapplicant who remembers how it was! I was too scared to even talk here at first and now we’ve been chugging love potion for days so thanks Yank!
@legalknievel did you get rejected today or on Friday?
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