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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
27 Boston University Accepted RDregular decision $185,000 Sep 14 2022-09-14 Sep 14 2022-09-14 Oct 25 2022-10-25 Oct 26 2022-10-26 Dec 12 2022-12-12
8 Columbia University Pending RDregular decision Sep 15 2022-09-15 Oct 03 2022-10-03 Jan 04 2023-01-04
5 Duke University Waitlisted RDregular decision Sep 20 2022-09-20 Sep 21 2022-09-21 Sep 21 2022-09-21 Nov 03 2022-11-03 Feb 01 2023-02-01
15 Georgetown University Accepted RDregular decision $135,000 Sep 18 2022-09-18 Oct 03 2022-10-03 Sep 23 2022-09-23 Nov 01 2022-11-01
5 Harvard University Rejected RDregular decision Sep 27 2022-09-27 Oct 04 2022-10-04 Jan 11 2023-01-11
5 New York University Hold RDregular decision Sep 17 2022-09-17
10 UCBerkeley Accepted RDregular decision $90,000 Oct 09 2022-10-09 Oct 10 2022-10-10 Oct 24 2022-10-24 Nov 21 2022-11-21
14 UCLos Angeles Waitlisted RDregular decision Sep 19 2022-09-19 Sep 22 2022-09-22 Jan 10 2023-01-10
3 UChicago Waitlisted RDregular decision Sep 22 2022-09-22 Sep 23 2022-09-23 Oct 24 2022-10-24 Nov 03 2022-11-03 Jan 20 2023-01-20
22 UFlorida (Levin) Accepted RDregular decision $70,000 Sep 15 2022-09-15 Sep 16 2022-09-16 Sep 21 2022-09-21 Nov 04 2022-11-04 Nov 23 2022-11-23
10 UMichigan Waitlisted RDregular decision Sep 17 2022-09-17 Sep 23 2022-09-23 Feb 03 2023-02-03
4 UPennsylvania Waitlisted RDregular decision Sep 14 2022-09-14 Sep 15 2022-09-15 Nov 15 2022-11-15 Nov 17 2022-11-17 Jan 27 2023-01-27
16 UTexas at Austin Accepted RDregular decision $137,001 Sep 17 2022-09-17 Dec 01 2022-12-01 Dec 02 2022-12-02 Feb 07 2023-02-07
8 UVirginia Waitlisted RDregular decision Oct 08 2022-10-08 Oct 10 2022-10-10 Oct 12 2022-10-12 Mar 10 2023-03-10


General chat about the legal profession.
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you’d think for all that bragging about your work ethic you’d have something better to do with your time than attacking people’s lsat scores @potato lol
tbh that is pretty good advice, you never know who else is out there in the applicant pool
that should be a ban lmfao
Nah potato has an alt, bro spoke in the third person, so pathetic lmaoo.
@onetimesignin it really doesnt matter, people score 170s off the rip with no studying. They are just built different, you gotta accept that there's level to this. Thats why I'm not applying anywhere near the T8 i know not cut out for that. With a 154 UT is gonna shred you.
I don't like that mentality. u can always do better but yeah with a 154 and no proven academic merit he will have a tough time
Thank you wavy. Maybe he will listen from someone else. But yeah totally agree w your point
Or he can learn the hard way in a few weeks
[] WhisperingWillingBoar
Himmy didn't you say applying after October 20th makes no sense and those people should sit out the cycle like yesterday?
Himmy I'm not saying you cant out work someone smarter than you but theres only so much you can do
@WhisperingWillingBoar: no
i mean you can always retake for a higher score then apply the following cycle
i dont trying for a higher score automatically means that it being late after oct 20th is contradictory
Hey Potato I figured you knew this (since you have 180/4.0) but when you refer to yourself you can use the words “I” or “me”, unless you meant to send that other message from your alt
Potato thinks youre dumb
Potato has an alt and he's using it to hype himself up LITERALLY SO EMBARESSING
dawg im just tryna fill some info in and this potato guy has me dying laughing
lil bro is red in the face right now stammering at the keyboard in tears
u guys are so stupid
do they think I'm potato?
@onetimesignin: wait this is so funny
potato i sincerely hope you find a life someday and get off this website
i cannot get in the mind of people who decide to troll a random law school data aggregator chat room
but im sure its a turbulent place
or actually maybe its totally becalmed lol
someone fill me in whats potatoes alt
He talked in the third person clearly talking as though he was a different person backing himself up
in an argument, sad human being lmao
ambivalent quickly turned into some mashed potatoes ;)
that was a horrible joke, moving on lmao
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