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Political Science and History
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Federal Indian Law
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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
8 Columbia University WL, Rejected Unknown Sep 07 2023-09-07
5 Duke University Rejected Unknown Aug 18 2023-08-18
15 Georgetown University Accepted, At... Unknown Aug 18 2023-08-18
5 Harvard University Rejected Unknown Sep 07 2023-09-07
1 Stanford University WL, Rejected Unknown Sep 07 2023-09-07
71 Tulane University Accepted Unknown Aug 18 2023-08-18
10 UCBerkeley Rejected Unknown Sep 07 2023-09-07
3 UChicago Rejected Unknown Aug 18 2023-08-18
4 UPennsylvania WL, Rejected Unknown Aug 18 2023-08-18
8 UVirginia Rejected Unknown Aug 18 2023-08-18
16 Vanderbilt University Rejected Unknown Aug 18 2023-08-18
1 Yale University Rejected Unknown Sep 07 2023-09-07


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Hi, so I am potentially starting a full-time job and I’m also studying for the LSAT. I am hoping to study for at least five months. I’m just really worried that the full-time job will be mentally taxing and that I won’t have the mental stamina to study after work at home, effectively, at least. I also would still like to work out and have time for my boyfriend and friends. I’m sure this sounds pretty small, but it is stressing me out and I really would like to get at least a 160 on the LSAT…any advice on how to manage my time? I’m young and this is my first time experiencing something like this, so I’m just hoping for a little adult guidance maybe.
My parents are super supportive and they’re telling me to do whatever I feel like i can handle. I don’t NEED to work right now but it would be nice to be able to have this great opportunity of a job tbh
I did exactly that. My first lsat I studied for before and during my full time job. I did the evening Princeton review class. It was really tough but it worked
How long did you study each night
I then during my job worked with the power score advanced course
Take a PT as a diagnostic. Read some books on the theory of LSAT like power score logic game bible and the loophole
Princeton review was like an hour or two a night. They had homework
I'd recommend 7sage as well for Logic games.
After you’ve done some theory get 7sage and take another PT
Work through your incorrect answers with explanations
Can I ask how long did it take you to adjust into the full time working world? I’ve never really worked before
I have 7sage now. I like it a lot so far
I will also say if sucked doing it but it was worth it. Also I still haven’t fully adjusted after 2 years lol
Do more pts, work through more wrong answers. Continue improving your processes until your last 5 pts average the score you want
160 is also incredibly doable. My diagnostic was a 154, my first LSAT was a 158, and my second was a 167
If you’re not doing well enough quit your jobs and study harder. 5 pts on the LSAT can be hundreds of thousands in scholarship money and career earnings
I’m pretty scared if I’m being honest. Sort of discouraged too. I’ve never juggled something like this and the lsat is a beast in itself. I sort of want to decline the job offer and dedicate my time to the LSAT but that means passing up 1200 a week
My diagnostic was a 141 :( terrible
I’m gonna be harsh as someone with a low gpa. It’s really hard for us and the LSAT is everything.
You cannot afford a low LSAT
Yeah I have a 3.0 kinda worried
You can always quit the job if it's too much.
But the school I’m aiming for, median: 157–GPA: 3.6
I have a 3.1. But I just got 100k at ASU, prioritize the lsat
Sorry to slightly brag
A 141 means you fundamentally don’t understand the test and are probably bad at standardized tests. You should read some LSAT theory. Read all the power score bibles and the loophole
Gotcha I’ll read those. I have them thankfully
From then on it’s just doing practice tests and iterating on your processes. The LSAT just tests your ability to run through your algorithms in a timed and stressful environment
My friend had the same diagnostic and ended with a 177
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