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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
27 Boston University WL, Withdrawn Unknown
8 Columbia University WL, Rejected RDregular decision Feb 15 2023-02-15 Jun 07 2023-06-07
13 Cornell University Accepted, At... RDregular decision $90,000 Feb 24 2023-02-24 May 02 2023-05-02
35 George Washington Un... Hold, Withdrawn RDregular decision
15 Georgetown University WL, Rejected RDregular decision Jun 22 2023-06-22
5 Harvard University Rejected RDregular decision Feb 22 2023-02-22 Mar 20 2023-03-20
60 Loyola Marymount Uni... WL, Withdrawn Unknown
5 New York University Waitlisted RDregular decision Feb 15 2023-02-15
71 Northeastern University Accepted, Wi... Unknown $15,000 May 04 2023-05-04
10 Northwestern University Rejected RDregular decision
1 Stanford University Rejected RDregular decision Feb 15 2023-02-15 Feb 16 2023-02-16 May 06 2023-05-06
60 UCalifornia (Hastings) WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision
10 UCBerkeley Waitlisted RDregular decision Feb 15 2023-02-15
14 UCLos Angeles Waitlisted RDregular decision Feb 01 2023-02-01
4 UPennsylvania Waitlisted RDregular decision
16 USouthern California Waitlisted RDregular decision Mar 22 2023-03-22 Mar 27 2023-03-27
8 UVirginia Rejected RDregular decision Feb 24 2023-02-24 Apr 12 2023-04-12
1 Yale University Rejected RDregular decision Feb 15 2023-02-15


General chat about the legal profession.
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@TruthTheX: praying for your gulc uprising
Ty me too 🙏
@Silver: if you want to practice in IL then there’s likely no better school than the in state schools
@SpectacularDefiantMouse: yeah, like condemnedpuffygnome, I'm not really preparing for law school by taking some courses or anything like that. The only way I'm going to be preparing is by getting myself into a rhythm schedule-wise, well enough in advance of the first day of classes, that I think will be necessary for me to do well 1L.
I'm very much not in rhythm now. lol. But I've 3-ish months.
@Silver: Cost of attendance is what matters. $37K in-state tuition = $47K sticker price with a $10K scholarship elsewhere, $70K sticker with a $40K scholarship is better than either, $40K sticker with a $0 scholarship worse than both.
(Assuming placement etc. is comparable)
Congrats on Harvard, jb2028. Any reason you applied to A&M but not Texas at Austin? Seems odd.
@BankruptcyAndRestructuringLawIsCool: Family connection, they gave me a CAS waiver so it was free
Question for the chat about judicial internships (not externships). My understanding is that judicial internships (as opposed to externships) during the summer are unpaid. How, then, do people who get them pay living expenses during the summer? Do they just make loans stretch for 12 months when they're only meant for 9? I heard that some people supplement the internship with, e.g., a research assistant position with a law professor. But would such a person both do the internship and the RA position at the same time? And if so, is that too much work or feasible?
I don't know what the workload is really like for judicial internships and RA positions.
Also curious what other things people might do to supplement an unpaid judicial internship over the summer with something paid.
@BankruptcyAndRestructuringLawIsCool: Many schools will provide some type of stipend for unpaid summer roles with a public interest employer (defined broadly, often includes any gov or judicial job)
Right, I thought so. At BU, though, it appears that what's called BU's public interest project grant is not available to supplement judicial internships. And I think its public service summer funding is also limited. Oh well.
@BankruptcyAndRestructuringLawIsCool: FWIW they allude to some type of funding ("BU Law has implemented separate funding sources for judicial interns") in this packet https://www.bu.edu/law/files/2023/11/Public-Service-Summer-Funding-Applicant-Packet-2024.pdf
Although they don't give details, and as you note they don't guarantee funding to everyone (which is in line with other $ they offer, e.g. the LRAP)
Anyone know how hard it is to do pro bono work as a 1L for judges or fed gov in general in the D.C. market
Idk much about pro bono opportunities period but thinking I wanna try to get some work experience as soon as humanly possible
When I begin law school I mean
Lines up with BU's limited endowment: $81K per student a few years ago, i.e., enough to support a payout of about $3,250 per student per year at a 4% payout rate https://leiterlawschool.typepad.com/leiter/2022/05/per-student-value-of-law-school-endowments-2021.html
Seems like they're trying to compete with other schools on program headlines (we fund X, Y, and Z and we have an LRAP) but the endowment can't really support that, so they have all these programs but don't guarantee funding. Would not rely on that if you have alternatives.
Thanks for those links. I'll give the public service summer funding information packet, in particular, a careful read. But yeah, your takeaway seems right.
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just letting you guys know :)
Where I can find the definition of the false-endowment?
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