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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
28 Boston College Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $81,000 Jan 07 2024-01-07 Apr 11 2024-04-11 Apr 19 2024-04-19
24 Boston University Rejected RDregular decision Jan 07 2024-01-07 Feb 22 2024-02-22
114 Brooklyn Law School Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $150,000 Jan 07 2024-01-07 Jan 07 2024-01-07 Feb 06 2024-02-06 Feb 13 2024-02-13
33 Fordham University Waitlisted RDregular decision Jan 07 2024-01-07 Mar 08 2024-03-08 Mar 27 2024-03-27
41 George Washington Un... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $90,000 Jan 20 2024-01-20 Jan 26 2024-01-26 Jan 31 2024-01-31
61 Loyola Marymount Uni... Accepted, At... RDregular decision $135,000 Dec 30 2023-12-30 Feb 23 2024-02-23 Mar 05 2024-03-05
9 New York University Hold, Rejected RDregular decision Dec 30 2023-12-30 Jan 11 2024-01-11 Apr 29 2024-04-29
52 Pepperdine University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $90,000 Dec 30 2023-12-30 Jan 22 2024-01-22 Mar 01 2024-03-01
82 UCalifornia (Hastings) WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Dec 18 2023-12-18 Jan 17 2024-01-17 Jan 27 2024-01-27 Feb 29 2024-02-29
12 UCBerkeley Rejected RDregular decision Jan 20 2024-01-20 Feb 19 2024-02-19 Mar 08 2024-03-08
13 UCLos Angeles Rejected EDearly decision Dec 15 2023-12-15 Feb 27 2024-02-27
20 USouthern California Rejected RDregular decision Dec 30 2023-12-30 Apr 08 2024-04-08 May 03 2024-05-03
16 Washington Universit... Waitlisted RDregular decision Jan 07 2024-01-07 Feb 02 2024-02-02 Jan 08 2024-01-08 Mar 08 2024-03-08
61 Yeshiva University (... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $120,000 Dec 30 2023-12-30 Jan 02 2024-01-02 Feb 27 2024-02-27 Mar 07 2024-03-07


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@BankruptcyAndRestructuringLawIsCool: I’m guessing you can RA remotely
And do part in person
@BankruptcyAndRestructuringLawIsCool: i have to ask bc i just read your profile, are you deferring? or did you just not update after the WL -> A, grats btw!
oh oops wrong person
that was for @greenjumbledscorpion
@GreenJumbledScorpion: No, you can't defer if you get accepted off the WL (unless you have extenuating circumstances)
Oh, I do have attending shown on there (put your cursor over accepted)
[] ararara
@KnowledgeableRitzyWasp: thanks for always being so nice to everybody! Wish I was half as cool as you are!
hi yall
hey cowgirl
@GreenJumbledScorpion: If that's right, if one can RA remotely, then that makes more sense. But I have another question about this. For many students, I think, their summer employment in 1L is supposed to help them pay for rent over the summer for wherever they have happened to live for the nine months of the academic year. If one has to move halfway across the country for a judicial internship (or other summer employment opportunity), one would presumably need a place to live there. I'm not sure how the summer employment would be able to cover both an apartment or whatever for three-ish months halfway across the country as well as the one you've signed a lease on and have lived in for the entire academic year.
But is that what people do. They just save as much as possible and use whatever they make over the summer to help cover a place wherever they're working as well as their original place?
I suppose they could sublease their original place. That might actually be a good idea.
Is "TopTutor" a scam bot?
slow day huh
i went for a walk today and a man who told me his name was midget asked for my instagram
well did you give him your instagram
[] abbas24
so if i were to get waitlisted in the fall does that mean they will wait till i finish senior year and see how i do?
it's possible, it could mean a lot of things
[] abbas24
@manifestT14acceptances: howd ya do so well on lsat?
@manifestT14acceptances: no I told him I didn’t have instagram
i can give him urs if you want
you can also tell him i dont have instagram
@abbas24: tons of practice tests and drills
[] abbas24
best site/program to use?
i mostly used khan academy and lawhub. i also did hire a tutor once i started scoring in the 170s because i thought it would be helpful for learning more test-taking techniques but it actually wasn't super helpful for me aside from having someone in my corner who could cheer me on and root for me and stuff
my general advice for those looking for a site/program is to try to get a good understanding of your strong/weak points before signing onto a program, and that a good way to do that is to blind review any practice/diagnostic test you've taken/plan on taking
Use Kaplan
you ever remember that you exist and have wants and needs and goals and feel disgusted
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