Law Schools in Missouri

Are you are looking to go to one of the law schools in Missouri? There are 4 ABA accredited law schools in Missouri.

The highest ranked law school in Missouri is Washington University in St. Louis, which was ranked 20 by US News in 2023. The school has an LSAT median of 172 and a GPA median of 3.94.

The best law school in Missouri depends on what you're looking for. Every law school is different, just like every person is different.

Other schools in Missouri include Mizzou Law School, Saint Louis University Law School, UMKC School of Law. If you want to go to law school in Missouri, you should consider these schools.

ABA accredited law schools in Missouri

  1. Washington University School of Law
  2. Mizzou Law School
  3. Saint Louis University Law School
  4. UMKC School of Law

You can also check out law schools in the states that border Missouri: Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee.

Detailed information on Missouri law schools

Washington University School of Law

St. Louis, Missouri
Rank 20 (US News 2023)
  • Ranked: 20 by US News in 2023.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 164/172/173
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.43/3.94/4.0
  • Acceptance rate: 18.0
  • Bar passage rate: 91.6

Mizzou Law School

Columbia, Missouri
Rank 71 (US News 2023)
  • Ranked: 71 by US News in 2023.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 156/160/162
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.42/3.7/3.86
  • Acceptance rate: 51.4
  • Bar passage rate: 83.0

Saint Louis University Law School

St. Louis, Missouri
Rank 89 (US News 2023)
  • Ranked: 89 by US News in 2023.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 153/156/161
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.23/3.54/3.8
  • Acceptance rate: 61.2
  • Bar passage rate: 85.4

UMKC School of Law

Kansas City, Missouri
Rank 135 (US News 2023)
  • Ranked: 135 by US News in 2023.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 152/154/157
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.16/3.47/3.73
  • Acceptance rate: 52.1
  • Bar passage rate: 74.8


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