Law Schools in Arkansas

Are you are looking to go to one of the law schools in Arkansas? There are 2 ABA accredited law schools in Arkansas.

The highest ranked law school in Arkansas is University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, which was ranked 105 by US News in 2023. The school has an LSAT median of 156 and a GPA median of 3.6.

The best law school in Arkansas depends on what you're looking for. Every law school is different, just like every person is different.

Other schools in Arkansas include UALR William H. Bowen School of Law. If you want to go to law school in Arkansas, you should consider these schools.

ABA accredited law schools in Arkansas

  1. University of Arkansas Law School
  2. UALR William H. Bowen School of Law

You can also check out law schools in the states that border Arkansas: Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas.

Detailed information on Arkansas law schools

University of Arkansas Law School

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Rank 105 (US News 2023)
  • Ranked: 105 by US News in 2023.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 153/156/158
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.34/3.6/3.87
  • Acceptance rate: 41.2
  • Bar passage rate: 81.1

UALR William H. Bowen School of Law

Little Rock , Arkansas
Rank 150 (US News 2023)
  • Ranked: 150 by US News in 2023.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 149/152/155
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 2.98/3.41/3.69
  • Acceptance rate: 55.8
  • Bar passage rate: 74.1


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What is the timeline to submit apps early/in cycle for Duke?
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Hopefully guess we shall see, thank you
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does having a MA increase your chances in admissions?
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Popcornlover81 - Almost not at all, but no one can really say for sure.
along the same vein, I understand admissions are hyperfocused on LSAT scores, but about gpa - would it make a diff that my GPA was higher in grad school (MA) vs. my undergrad GPA?
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No not really
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Undergrad GPA is what gets reported for their stats
Ok, that makes sense
Hey, so my CAS transcript evaluation shows my GPA as Superior (because Im a foreign applicant). Does anybody know what superior means in GPA terms? Like a 3.9 or 4?
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I’m not sure if you can really put a number on an international GPA
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I think it basically means you are effectively a median GPA candidate since you don’t hurt their stats.
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In other words, there becomes a ton of emphasis on the LSAT, so you better be above median
But i have heard that the CAS evaluation for international transcripts is categorised into 3: Superior, above average and below average.
So, considering it is superior it would be some kind of a boost right. Cus atm I'm a super splitter.
@trox99 doesn’t know anything more then the rest of us. Contact the admissions office and ask lol
@EmptyGoat: I have been wanting to get into dnd for years at this point
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Just from the research I’ve done and things I’ve read… of course I could be wrong🤷🏼‍♂️
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Superior is obviously the best but I still think that the LSAT is far more important and is going to be what ultimately gets you either accepted or denied
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