Law Schools in Nebraska

Are you are looking to go to one of the law schools in Nebraska? There are 2 ABA accredited law schools in Nebraska.

The highest ranked law school in Nebraska is University of Nebraska, which was ranked 82 by US News in 2024. The school has an LSAT median of 158 and a GPA median of 3.75.

The best law school in Nebraska depends on what you're looking for. Every law school is different, just like every person is different.

Other schools in Nebraska include Creighton University School of Law. If you want to go to law school in Nebraska, you should consider these schools.

ABA accredited law schools in Nebraska

  1. University of Nebraska Law School
  2. Creighton University School of Law

You can also check out law schools in the states that border Nebraska: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming.

Detailed information on Nebraska law schools

University of Nebraska Law School

Lincoln, Nebraska
Rank 82 (US News 2024)
  • Ranked: 82 by US News in 2024.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 154/158/160
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.47/3.75/3.94
  • Acceptance rate: 65.9
  • Bar passage rate: 85.8

Creighton University School of Law

Omaha, Nebraska
Rank 153 (US News 2024)
  • Ranked: 153 by US News in 2024.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 149/152/156
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.01/3.35/3.63
  • Acceptance rate: 71.4
  • Bar passage rate: 69.2


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