Law Schools in Michigan

Are you are looking to go to one of the law schools in Michigan? There are 5 ABA accredited law schools in Michigan.

The highest ranked law school in Michigan is University of Michigan, which was ranked 10 by US News in 2022. The school has an LSAT median of 171 and a GPA median of 3.84.

The best law school in Michigan depends on what you're looking for. Every law school is different, just like every person is different.

Other schools in Michigan include Wayne State University Law School, Michigan State Law School, Detroit Mercy Law, Cooley Law School. If you want to go to law school in Michigan, you should consider these schools.

ABA accredited law schools in Michigan

  1. Michigan Law School
  2. Wayne State University Law School
  3. Michigan State Law School
  4. Detroit Mercy Law
  5. Cooley Law School

You can also check out law schools in the states that border Michigan: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin.

Detailed information on Michigan law schools

Michigan Law School

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Rank 10 (US News 2022)
  • Ranked: 10 by US News in 2022.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 166/171/172
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.61/3.84/3.93
  • Acceptance rate: 10.6
  • Bar passage rate: 93.7

Wayne State University Law School

Detroit, Michigan
Rank 58 (US News 2022)
  • Ranked: 58 by US News in 2022.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 157/161/164
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.41/3.75/3.87
  • Acceptance rate: 32.9
  • Bar passage rate: 88.0

Michigan State Law School

East Lansing, Michigan
Rank 91 (US News 2022)
  • Ranked: 91 by US News in 2022.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 153/156/158
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.31/3.59/3.74
  • Acceptance rate: 48.1
  • Bar passage rate: 79.1

Detroit Mercy Law

Detroit, Michigan
Rank 139 (US News 2022)
  • Ranked: 139 by US News in 2022.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 150/154/158
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.09/3.32/3.55
  • Acceptance rate: 52.6
  • Bar passage rate: 77.1

Cooley Law School

Lansing, Michigan
Rank 147 (US News 2022)
  • Ranked: 147 by US News in 2022.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 146/148/151
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 2.61/2.99/3.28
  • Acceptance rate: 49.0
  • Bar passage rate: 45.9


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