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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
122 Albany Law School Of... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $114,000 Jan 23 2023-01-23
73 American University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision Nov 17 2022-11-17 Dec 12 2022-12-12
30 Arizona State Univer... Waitlisted RDregular decision Oct 30 2022-10-30
78 Case Western Reserve... Withdrawn RDregular decision Nov 17 2022-11-17
94 Catholic University ... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $51,000 Oct 14 2022-10-14 Oct 14 2022-10-14 Dec 07 2022-12-07
127 Cleveland State Univ... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $36,000 Oct 18 2022-10-18 Jan 20 2023-01-20
30 George Mason University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $27,000 Nov 13 2022-11-13 Nov 13 2022-11-13 Nov 13 2022-11-13 Jan 17 2023-01-17 Jan 20 2023-01-20 Feb 07 2023-02-07
147 Northern Illinois Un... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $35,597 Oct 19 2022-10-19 Nov 07 2022-11-07
58 Pennsylvania State -... Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 14 2022-11-14 Nov 14 2022-11-14 Feb 23 2023-02-23
64 Pennsylvania State -... Accepted, At... RDregular decision $120,000 Nov 12 2022-11-12 Nov 12 2022-11-12 Feb 21 2023-02-21
45 UArizona Waitlisted RDregular decision Feb 15 2023-02-15
122 UDayton Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $110,838 Nov 15 2022-11-15
114 UMaine Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $108,000 Nov 10 2022-11-10
47 UMaryland Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision Dec 15 2022-12-15 Dec 21 2022-12-21
67 UOregon Accepted RDregular decision $45,000 May 12 2023-05-12
118 UTulsa Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $69,840 Oct 18 2022-10-18 Oct 18 2022-10-18 Nov 08 2022-11-08
16 Washington Universit... Waitlisted RDregular decision Jan 14 2023-01-14 Jan 17 2023-01-17 Feb 02 2023-02-02 Jan 20 2023-01-20 Apr 05 2023-04-05
118 West Virginia Univer... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision Oct 17 2022-10-17 Oct 17 2022-10-17 Dec 22 2022-12-22
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Understood, thanks! Having said that, I’m still going to be trying for it. I think I would have plenty of career options if academia didn’t work out, but I would love to be able to transfer to the “top of the top” and keeping the academia option open. Question is which would be better for that: BU or ND?
has anyone who applied in april heard back?
probably equal but id feel better at ND
BU and ND are peer schools, so I'm not sure it matters that much. My gut says BU, just because it is in the same geographic region as many of the schools that prepare you for academia.
Thanks so much, everybody! I have a friend who is a professor at ND Law, so will get his perspective later today as well. I think the two schools are pretty equal as well, and I have good connections with both geographies/schools, so this is a tough decision. But thanks for your two cents!
^ @waytoooldforschool
about 50% come from HYS
80% from the top 14
I found going into academia from Columbia to be pretty easy.
But I had practice experience first, too.
Should I schedule a meeting with admissions for a school I'm WL at to update them on my GPA/Completion of degree, or just send an email?
Just send an email
@WayTooOldForSchool: retake the lsat if you can
Considering you got waitlisted with a 163 you would likely get full rides with 170+
Write a complaint for defamation of character, pareental alienation, abuse of the court process.
Colorado jefferson county court corruption
Can a splitter (3.4/177) get into Stanford or Harvard? Or full ride at other t14?
Harvard and Stanford are unlikely, but two over the past several years have gotten into Harvard off the waitlist, so you might as well try. Even getting into a T14 is not guaranteed. But, historically, folks with your stats have had a decent shot (like 50/50) at places like Penn, UVA, Michigan, Northwestern, and Georgetown. And, many of those folks who were accepted received a decent scholarship. but, only a very small number got a full ride. I think it really depends on your softs for that. And, in any case, I would apply to places like UCLA, WashU, BU, GW, Fordham, and Emory if you want to be sure that you'll have an acceptance, especially if you are shooting for a full ride. The more you apply to, the better your chance that one will send a full ride your way.
What if the 3.4 is because of severe adversity and paired with rare softs
Or 3.5 in my case
Well, I'm just looking at past data: https://www.lsd.law/search/2Dsxe
Presumably, some of those people wrote GPA addenda discussing adversity, or had rare softs (you can look at individual users to see how they rated their own softs), but the data will never be able to tell us the likelihood of any individual case. But, yes, having rare softs or having overcome adversity matters, as does work experience. I received a full ride from a T14 with a 176/3.6, and I'm guessing my softs/background mattered.
Why LDS has not updated ranking?!
Because the rankings this year were even sillier than usual?
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