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New York

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A quick definition of New York:

New York has laws that regulate different types of unsolicited communication. For example, it is illegal to send deceptive emails or texts to get someone's personal information. Telemarketers must register and follow certain rules, and there is a "Do Not Call Registry" for people who don't want to receive telemarketing calls. New York also has laws against false advertising and the dissemination of indecent material to minors. Impersonating someone online is also a crime in New York.

A more thorough explanation:

New York has laws that regulate different types of unsolicited communication, such as commercial emails, telemarketing, faxes, texts, and other media. These laws aim to protect consumers from deceptive practices and unwanted solicitations.

New York has an "Anti-Phishing Act" that prohibits deceptive uses of email or the internet to solicit personally identifying information. This law is enforced by the New York Attorney General, internet service providers, or owners of web pages or trademarks. For example, if someone sends an email pretending to be a bank and asks for your social security number, they could be breaking this law.

New York has laws that regulate telemarketing, including a "Do Not Call Registry" that allows consumers to opt-out of receiving telemarketing calls. There is also a cooling-off period that allows consumers to cancel a sale made as a result of high-pressure telephone sales tactics. For example, if a telemarketer keeps calling you even though you asked them to stop, they could be breaking these laws.

New York prohibits unsolicited commercial faxes and spam text messages. For example, if a company sends you a text message advertising their product without your consent, they could be breaking this law.

New York has laws that prohibit deceptive trade practices and false advertising. For example, if a company makes false claims about their product in their advertising, they could be breaking these laws.

New York criminalizes the dissemination of indecent material to minors, including by means of a "computer communication system." For example, if someone sends explicit material to a minor through the internet, they could be breaking this law.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has heard cases related to spam and unsolicited communication in New York.

The New York Attorney General's Internet Bureau provides more information on these laws and how to report violations.

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