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emotional harm

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A quick definition of emotional harm:

Emotional harm, also known as emotional distress, is when someone's behavior causes another person to feel very bad emotions like sadness, fear, anger, or humiliation. This can be so severe that it can lead to mental suffering and pain. In some cases, if the emotional distress is extreme, the person who caused it can be held responsible and may have to pay damages. However, it's important to remember that some level of emotional distress is a normal part of life and only severe cases can be considered emotional harm.

A more thorough explanation:

Emotional harm, also known as emotional distress, is a highly unpleasant mental reaction that results from another person's conduct. It can include feelings of anguish, grief, fright, humiliation, or fury, and can cause emotional pain and suffering.

When emotional distress is severe enough, it can form a basis for the recovery of tort damages. This means that if someone causes you severe emotional distress, you may be able to sue them for compensation.

For example, if someone intentionally spreads false rumors about you that cause you to feel humiliated and ashamed, you may be able to sue them for emotional distress. Similarly, if a doctor negligently causes you to suffer a serious injury, and you experience emotional distress as a result, you may be able to sue them for compensation.

It's important to note that not all emotional distress is severe enough to warrant legal action. Some degree of transient and trivial emotional distress is a part of everyday life. The law only intervenes when the distress inflicted is so severe that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it.

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oh its one of my least favorite things about the application process! the LSAC converts your undergrad transcript to their own scale, which goes up to a 4.3 to accommodate schools that do +/-
how do they convert? say i have a 3.25 / 4.0...do they have a formula? and is that normal for all schools now
idk how common it is, i know my undergrad didnt do +/- and i graduated a couple years ago, lemme see if i can find the LSAC's official explanation of their gpa scale. it basically includes any credit attempted even if it didnt factor into your school's calculation of your gpa, so if your school only takes the most recent grade from a retaken class, or doesn't assign value to a failed pass/fail class, etc
thank you, friend
if you have your complete unofficial transcript you cans search up some calculators online that would give you an estimate. also if you did anything for college credit in high school/like dual enrolled it would calculate that too even if your undergrad institution didn't give you a grade for it
also ahhhh its COB and i havent heard anything from georgetown and they said we'd hear back by this week lwhbrve2purbqpiubvrew
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ig i dont actually know what their admissions offices hours are though
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@manifestmoreadmissions: they are rereading your application to ensure your A rn
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my gulc app never went back to app complete from decision rendered, so i'm not expecting anything from them (not yet anyway)
it would be nice if i did hear back tho lol
i also have no change but ig no news is better than bad news
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that Vandy WL=>A is cool though congrats
@DisillusionedHomelessWalnut: for example, UCLA does an undergrad grading scale that caps at a 4.0 for both an A and A+ grade. If you get all A+'s at UCLA, you have something in the 4.0-4.3 range according to LSAC.
My community college on the other hand, does a grading scale that goes A-, A, A+ = 4.0 so at the time I worked just to get like an A- but LSAC scales A-'s down to like 3.7.
I could be completely wrong though.
Just got my ND waitlist
Kind of sad because I even visted the school last week
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Ohio has not responded still
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Somebody was telling me it’s a good idea to start taking practice exams 8 weeks into 1L if your grades are decided by test taking. Thoughts?
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