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City of Chicago v. Morales

527 U.S. 41 (1999)

tl;dr: A statute that criminalizes loitering by a person reasonably believed to be in a gang is unconstitutionally vague.

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The case of City of Chicago v. Morales et al. concerns the Gang Congregation Ordinance, which prohibits criminal street gang members from loitering in public places. The Illinois Supreme Court found the ordinance to be invalid due to its vagueness and arbitrary restriction on personal liberties, and the US Supreme Court affirmed this decision. The ordinance fails to distinguish between innocent and threatening conduct, and the dispersal order lacks clear guidelines for law enforcement. The Illinois Supreme Court has given police officers too much discretion in deciding what constitutes loitering, and the limitations on police discretion are insufficient. The lower court may have erred in upholding the ordinance. The dissenting opinion argues that the ordinance is a reasonable prophylactic measure that does not violate the Constitution. Justice Thomas, along with Chief Justice and Justice Scalia, disagrees with the Court's decision to invalidate Chicago's ordinance aimed at preventing gangs from taking over public streets.

The author supports the Chicago ordinance against gang loitering and disagrees with the court's ruling that it infringes on gang members' constitutional rights and is vague. The author argues that police have a duty to maintain public peace and the ordinance strikes a balance between guidelines and discretion. The author disagrees with the court's prioritization of gang members' rights over law-abiding citizens affected by gang violence. The lower court's decision is not mentioned.

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Facts & Holding

Facts:A Chicago ordinance criminalized loitering by gang members. When a...

Holding:The Court held that the statute was unconstitutionally vague. It...

City of Chicago v. Morales

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