UMKC School of Law

Rank 135 (USNWR 2023)
Median LSAT
Median GPA
Acceptance rate

Also known as

  • UMKC School of Law
  • University of Missouri—Kansas City
  • UMKC

UMKC School of Law is a law school located in Kansas City, Missouri. The school was ranked 135 in 2023 by USNWR. Annual enrollment for UMKC School of Law is approximately 141.

Admissions website: https://law.umkc.edu/admissions/index.html

Admissions email: admissions@umkc.edu

Admissions phone: 816-235-1651

Can I get into UMKC School of Law with aGPA andLSAT?

UMKC School of Law Key Statistics

Previous year ABA 509 data
Percentiles 25 50 75
LSAT 152 154 157
GPA 3.16 3.47 3.73
Miscellaneous Count Percentile
# Applications 620 16
# Admissions offers 323 -
Class size 141 34
% Accepted 52.1% 28
% Yield 43.0% 92

During the 2023 application cycle, 620 people applied and 323 were offered admission.

University of Missouri—Kansas City has a 1L class size of 141, and yield of 43.03%. 139 out of 323 applicants who were offered admission accepted, meaning that 43.03% of the people who were offered admission ended up attending the school.

The 1L class at University of Missouri—Kansas City has a median LSAT of 154. The 25th percentile LSAT is 152 and the 75th percentile LSAT is 157.

The median GPA is 3.47. The 25th percentile GPA is 3.16 and the 75th percentile GPA is 3.73.

UMKC School of Law LSAT & GPA graph for 2022-2023

LSD has stats for 37 applicants for the 2022-2023 application cycle.

The graphs show applicant results plotted against GPA and LSAT. The dotted lines on the graphs represent the 25/50/75th percentiles reported by the school in their ABA 509 report from the previous year.

Each data point represents an LSD user that shared their application results for the benefit of future applicants.

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25th, 50th, 75th refer to percentiles from last year's admitted class

How much does UMKC School of Law cost per year?

Grads with debt
Average debt
Salary, 25th %
21st percentile
30th percentile
PI Salary
14th percentile
Employment rate
Bar pass rate
26th percentile

Cost of attending UMKC School of Law

In 2023, tuition was $0 and the annual cost of attending was $20,277 (tuition plus living expenses).

Cost of Attendance (CoA) is the estimated total amount you will have to spend every year to go to school. Unlike tuition, CoA includes expenses like rent, food, and insurance.

UMKC School of Law employment outcomes

JD graduates from University of Missouri—Kansas City make $72,000 (median) upon graduation if they work in the private sector. If they go into the public sector, a grad can expect to make $50,000.

49.1% of law graduates from University of Missouri—Kansas City go directly to work for law firms, while 10.0% clerk for a judge. 7.3% of graduates go into public interest.

74.8% of University of Missouri—Kansas City graduates pass the bar on their first try.

Some interesting facts about UMKC School of Law

UMKC School of Law provides academic and professional training to students seeking careers in law. Our faculty are outstanding scholars who have extensive practice experience. Faculty at UMKC are actively engaged with students both inside and outside the classroom. Our classes are relatively small (by law school standards) and many of our substantive courses incorporate simulations and service learning opportunities. Our faculty and students are collegial and the school provides many opportunities for interaction and development of close personal relationships that will last throughout one’s career. We like to think of ourselves as the urban, public law school with the small, liberal arts feel.

We are a law school that teaches students to become lawyers in the best tradition of the profession and introduces them to the opportunities and obligations of the legal profession and its role in the greater community. We appreciate the work of lawyers and their many contributions, which include educating people and institutions about their rights, helping to design prosperous business and community ventures, and working towards the effective and efficient resolution of disputes. We maintain a faculty devoted both to professional service and to advancing knowledge through the production of excellent academic scholarship.

UMKC School of Law is a community of scholars, with faculty and students working together to address the legal issues and problems confronting society today on the local, state, federal, and international levels. Because we train many of the region’s practitioners, business people, judges, and politicians, we have a special responsibility to see that they are competent members of the bench and bar, advisers, and administrators; technically proficient, professionally responsible, and knowledgeable about the range of social, political, and economic ideas that influence our society. In doing so, we are aware that our graduates must be comfortable in a variety of professional settings with people from a variety of experiences, from land-use planning meetings with the local town council to trade negotiations in Mexico City, from an opening statement in the county courthouse to an appellate argument before the United States Supreme Court. While the details of such settings change over time, we can prepare students for such varied work by always concentrating on the foundations of good lawyering: respect for people, respect for knowledge and ideas, and respect for justice.

As a Law School, we build on a strong tradition of advocacy, civic engagement, and academic excellence—a program that has not only produced some of the region’s best lawyers and judges, but one that has also trained a US Supreme Court Justice (Charles Whittaker) and an American President (Harry Truman). We embrace and foster a collegial, collaborative model of professional education and maintain an intellectual and cultural environment that fosters broad thinking, local and

University of Missouri—Kansas City

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Got an email today (10/07) about an interview :)
Curious -- how long between status checker showing "check email for a decision" and actually receiving the email?
For anyone that comes alone after me -- it looks to be a few hour delay. Just got the notice now. Good luck everyone!
Not sure if anyone is active here but I just got an interview invite, applied on 11/2/2023
Congrats @Breytigs
I think I'm in!!!!
Holding my breath but my status checker says "Decision letter sent check email" and there are seat deposit fees listed at the bottom of the page, no email yet but looks like it might be a couple hour delay.
This will be my first A so that would be huge
Just got the email!
Anyone who was already accepted, when did you get your scholarship info, was it with the initial email or did it come later?
What was the interview like? and how long after did you find out
The interview was very chill it was with a professor, he asked me a few questions but had clearly read my application and honestly seemed more interested in selling me on UMKC and its programs than interviewing me. It was about 30 minutes and he talked for about 20 of it. After the interview he said it usually takes about a week to hear back but I heard back in 1 day, interviewed Friday and heard back today.
@HarmlessFart: Looking at your profile I'd say you have a great shot at getting in, I bet you'll get an interview invite after the holidays are finished up since that can slow things down for the admissions offices.
Awesome that’s great to hear, and thanks for your comments and input. I knew applying so close to thanksgiving would delay some stuff for me. Hoping to hear back before Christmas break hits but we will see
Congratulations though!
Just got an interview invite, if anyone on here wants to offer tips I would appreciate any help or insight. Good luck to anyone else applying and feel free to reach out if you have any questions
It's an easy interview just be yourself
and tell them your username is harmlessfart, they'll love it
Thank you, I’ll make sure it introduce myself that way just to break the ice
It's a very laid back interview, mine was with a super chill professor
I heard back within a week of submitting my app and got my scholarship the same day as acceptance
is anyone attending the Future Students' day?
Just had my interview, thanks to everyone for the tips. How long after interviewing did people hear back typically?
took me like 5 weeks to hear back but I have a weird app. yours shouldnt be so bad
I also did my interview today; seemed like they really wanted to sell me on the school over other regionals
Got the interview too, trying to see what job market is like in KC tho
anyone do the interview for UMKC? i received an email for interview request but i was wondering what it was like for any of you
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