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Columbus School of Law The Catholic University of America is a law school located in Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.. The school was ranked 122 in 2023 by USNWR. Annual enrollment for Columbus School of Law The Catholic University of America is approximately 131.

Admissions website: https://www.law.edu/admissions/overview/index.html

Admissions email: admissions@law.edu

Admissions phone: 202.319.5151

Can I get into Columbus School of Law The Catholic University of America with aGPA andLSAT?

Columbus School of Law The Catholic University of America Key Statistics

Previous year ABA 509 data
Percentiles 25 50 75
LSAT 156 159 161
GPA 3.38 3.61 3.75
Miscellaneous Count Percentile
# Applications 1520 52
# Admissions offers 527 -
Class size 131 27
% Accepted 34.7% 64
% Yield 24.9% 25

During the 2023 application cycle, 1,520 people applied and 527 were offered admission.

Catholic University Of America has a 1L class size of 131, and yield of 24.86%. 131 out of 527 applicants who were offered admission accepted, meaning that 24.86% of the people who were offered admission ended up attending the school.

The 1L class at Catholic University Of America has a median LSAT of 159. The 25th percentile LSAT is 156 and the 75th percentile LSAT is 161.

The median GPA is 3.61. The 25th percentile GPA is 3.38 and the 75th percentile GPA is 3.75.

Columbus School of Law The Catholic University of America LSAT & GPA graph for 2022-2023

LSD has stats for 137 applicants for the 2022-2023 application cycle.

The graphs show applicant results plotted against GPA and LSAT. The dotted lines on the graphs represent the 25/50/75th percentiles reported by the school in their ABA 509 report from the previous year.

Each data point represents an LSD user that shared their application results for the benefit of future applicants.

Click on a data point to see that user's profile.

25th, 50th, 75th refer to percentiles from last year's admitted class

How much does Columbus School of Law The Catholic University of America cost per year?

66th percentile
66th percentile
Grads with debt
Average debt
Salary, 25th %
88th percentile
83rd percentile
PI Salary
84th percentile
Employment rate
Bar pass rate
31st percentile

Cost of attending Columbus School of Law The Catholic University of America

In 2023, tuition was $57,470 and the annual cost of attending was $87,730 (tuition plus living expenses).

Cost of Attendance (CoA) is the estimated total amount you will have to spend every year to go to school. Unlike tuition, CoA includes expenses like rent, food, and insurance.

Columbus School of Law The Catholic University of America employment outcomes

JD graduates from Catholic University Of America make $105,000 (median) upon graduation if they work in the private sector. If they go into the public sector, a grad can expect to make $66,037.

27.9% of law graduates from Catholic University Of America go directly to work for law firms, while 18.3% clerk for a judge. 5.8% of graduates go into public interest.

73.7% of Catholic University Of America graduates pass the bar on their first try.

Some interesting facts about Columbus School of Law The Catholic University of America

Located near the heart of Washington, DC, The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law (CUA Law) is dedicated to the goal to ensure that students graduate with the skills that are essential to successful legal practice in the 21st century.

CUA Law's approach to legal education can be summarized with three words: practical, focused, and connected. Practical means that students learn by doing; focused offers the chance to choose among many different areas of legal study; connected describes professors who take a personal interest in their students. Through this all, students treat each other like family, and can take advantage of a supportive alumni network.

The school welcomes students of all religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds to a program that is renowned for its consistently high number of graduates entering public and community service. The Columbus School of Law has been a member of the AALS since 1921 and was approved by the ABA in 1925.

Catholic University Of America

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which law school in dc is the best for full tuition scholarships?
hi! so i received an email last night with my student login and checked status checker and saw I was admitted(YAY) on Jan 25, but I have not received an acceptance email/letter/ phone call directly from CUA Law. Has anyone else been in a similar situation/ when did the school contact you??
I am in the same position @daffodil2700 anyone receive a letter/scholarships yet?
I received a letter and scholarship an hour ago
my status checker changed last Wednesday, I just got my acceptance email and scholarship email today
How long after sending in your app did it take to get an email with status checker details?
anybody get anything by mail yet after acceptances?
no I haven't got anything in the mail yet. other schools sent me stuff tho so its weit
everyone who got accepted, is this school ur first choice? why or why not?
Has anyone heard anything
is there an accepted students group?
^ admitted students group
does CUA update the status checker before sending out the A or R?
Is there a new admitted student group discord link?
how long does it take to hear back?
2 months. I got rejected with a 160 lol
i love the lsat chart haha Number LSAT rejected wooooooooooooooooo lets goooooooooooooooooooo
is there an admitted students groupme or facebook group for class of 2027 yet?
I'm still waiting. My status checker has been at "application complete" for the past month. Is it supposed to be in review?
Still crickets...
It doesn’t go into review from what I noticed. Got the A today via tracker
@ColorfulThickBullfrog: Thanks for the info and congrats on the A!!!
I saw through my status checker
Admitted students gc?
Ty @Tedious Good luck with WL
@ColorfulThickBullfrog: Thanks. I need the luck. My cycle is going kind of rough. Just a bunch of WL ;/. Are you for sure choosing Catholic?
I’m waitlisted by a bunch of t40. My top choice is currently a WL. Got a good scholly so this will be my option unless #1 opens
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