Appalachian School of Law

Rank 178 (USNWR 2024)
Median LSAT
Median GPA
Acceptance rate

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  • Appalachian School of Law

Appalachian School of Law is a law school located in Grundy, Virginia. The school was ranked 178 in 2024 by USNWR. Annual enrollment for Appalachian School of Law is approximately 56.

Admissions website: https://www.asl.edu/

Admissions email: admissions@asl.edu

Admissions phone: (276) 244-1203

Can I get into Appalachian School of Law with aGPA andLSAT?

Appalachian School of Law Key Statistics

Previous year ABA 509 data
Percentiles 25 50 75
LSAT 144 146 149
GPA 2.79 3.21 3.51
Miscellaneous Count Percentile
# Applications 567 12
# Admissions offers 275 -
Class size 56 1
% Accepted 48.5% 37
% Yield 18.6% 7

During the 2024 application cycle, 567 people applied and 275 were offered admission.

Appalachian School of Law has a 1L class size of 56, and yield of 18.55%. 51 out of 275 applicants who were offered admission accepted, meaning that 18.55% of the people who were offered admission ended up attending the school.

The 1L class at Appalachian School of Law has a median LSAT of 146. The 25th percentile LSAT is 145 and the 75th percentile LSAT is 151.

The median GPA is 3.13. The 25th percentile GPA is 2.65 and the 75th percentile GPA is 3.5.

Appalachian School of Law LSAT & GPA graph for 2022-2023

LSD has stats for 19 applicants for the 2022-2023 application cycle.

The graphs show applicant results plotted against GPA and LSAT. The dotted lines on the graphs represent the 25/50/75th percentiles reported by the school in their ABA 509 report from the previous year.

Each data point represents an LSD user that shared their application results for the benefit of future applicants.

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25th, 50th, 75th refer to percentiles from last year's admitted class

How much does Appalachian School of Law cost per year?

21st percentile
18th percentile
Bar pass rate
2nd percentile

Cost of attending Appalachian School of Law

In 2024, tuition was $41,000 and the annual cost of attending was $64,800 (tuition plus living expenses).

Cost of Attendance (CoA) is the estimated total amount you will have to spend every year to go to school. Unlike tuition, CoA includes expenses like rent, food, and insurance.

Appalachian School of Law employment outcomes

34.0% of Appalachian School of Law graduates pass the bar on their first try.

Some interesting facts about Appalachian School of Law

Appalachian School of Law was founded in 1994. Its main goal is to develop lawyers who are leaders in their communities. App School of Law is a small, independent law school, ASL blends a broad, traditional legal education with experiential opportunities to practice skills. At the same time ASL offers a low student-faculty ratio. ASL is located in the beautiful mountains of southwestern Virginia in the quiet town of Grundy. Grundy, WV is free of distractions, easily affordable, and a friendly place to spend three years while you earn your law degree.

Appalachian School of Law

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Anyone heard anything from Appalachian since break?
I was down there Monday finding housing, the campus is very empty right now
i got a half scholarship, its the same price as FIU in state for me, not going
they changed itand gave me a full ride, i may go
Do you know if Appalachian provides an application tracker? Haven’t gotten an email and there’s nothing on their website
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