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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
32 Arizona State Univer... Accepted RDregular decision $135,000 Oct 04 2020-10-04 Oct 05 2020-10-05 Oct 05 2020-10-05 Oct 05 2020-10-05 Oct 16 2020-10-16 Oct 20 2020-10-20
29 Boston College Accepted Unknown $135,000 Oct 02 2020-10-02 Oct 03 2020-10-03 Oct 06 2020-10-06 Nov 10 2020-11-10
27 Boston University Accepted Unknown $172,950 Oct 14 2020-10-14 Oct 15 2020-10-15 Oct 15 2020-10-15 Dec 09 2020-12-09
5 Duke University Pending Unknown Oct 04 2020-10-04 Oct 04 2020-10-04 Oct 06 2020-10-06 Oct 07 2020-10-07 Oct 14 2020-10-14
15 Georgetown University Waitlisted Unknown Oct 03 2020-10-03 Oct 04 2020-10-04 Oct 05 2020-10-05 Oct 29 2020-10-29
10 Northwestern University Pending Unknown Nov 17 2020-11-17 Feb 09 2021-02-09
1 Stanford University Waitlisted Unknown Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 03 2020-11-03 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 12 2020-11-12
10 UCBerkeley Pending Unknown Oct 06 2020-10-06 Oct 07 2020-10-07 Oct 09 2020-10-09 Nov 23 2020-11-23
14 UCLos Angeles Pending Unknown Oct 08 2020-10-08 Oct 09 2020-10-09 Oct 13 2020-10-13 Oct 13 2020-10-13
27 UNotre Dame Accepted Unknown $105,000 Oct 03 2020-10-03 Oct 05 2020-10-05 Oct 05 2020-10-05 Dec 11 2020-12-11
16 USouthern California Waitlisted Unknown Oct 08 2020-10-08 Oct 09 2020-10-09 Oct 09 2020-10-09 Nov 09 2020-11-09 Feb 18 2021-02-18
8 UVirginia Accepted RDregular decision $60,000 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 05 2020-11-05 Nov 06 2020-11-06 Nov 10 2020-11-10 Jan 04 2021-01-04
16 Vanderbilt University Accepted RDregular decision $101,000 Oct 21 2020-10-21 Oct 22 2020-10-22 Oct 23 2020-10-23


General chat about the legal profession.
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@PsychaCola: yeah not sure if i did it right or not, my status checker said 57k. Wasn't sure if that was per semester, per year, or one time (i doubt this).
any insight welcome
[] ararara
@EloquentGunner: do you feel like you tutor properly?
[] ararara
My mindset, I tell the students to make something out of it and mostly just try to motivate them or focus on what is motivating them. Also to build healthy habits overall so that the studying isn’t unhealthy.
[] ararara
Because ultimately we know an endless amount about the test but how much of it’s going to rub off or what the outcome will be who knows
@Thersh: It should say somewhere whether it's per year or total. It is not per semester; Minnesota's cost of attendance is $74K/year ($84K/year out of state); even if they were offering you full tuition, room+board+expenses, and some kind of stipend, that would not add up to $114K per year
[] ararara
I wish more people would come into the chat and announce their As like @jack
Honestly I think the best general thing to teach someone for the lsat is basic propositional logic stuff a la modus ponens and whatnot
@jb2028: it says 57k and "yes" under renewable. There is no other info
best guess is 57k per year
sounds like per year, i'd guess you'll get an email further explaining it
half the questions are just "do you know that A->B does not mean ~A->~B
I'd guess 56k per year since their OOS tuition last year was $54,696. So exciting @thresh, congrats!!!!
[] ararara
If this happens, then that other things happens. That’s the whole lsat in a nutshell. Beyond the smoke and mirrors. It all makes sense.
Agree w/ @terriblytiredturtle, "Renewable" sounds like it's "renewable each year" (provided you don't flunk out/transfer/drop out to do an MFA instead)
Thanks @known and thanks everyone for deciphering that. Sorry if it caused any confusion
any idea if harvard interviews are/went out today?
and if so, what's the way they contact you? email, phone call?
[] ararara
Life on the other hand, not so much. I think in Ancient Greece lawyers used to be trained in the poetics to appeal to people’s emotional sides.
[] ararara
@LivelyWomanlyAlligator: e-mail
Would also match their out-of-state tuition (currently $56K, presumably increasing some for 2023-24) so that sounds like a full-tuition (but no room/board/etc.) scholarship given you're out of state
@ararara: to go back to what you said, yes i agree all tutors are different. I just had a bad experience and realized it wasn't for me.
I am out of state
Ima liberal so vegan crack for me
Yeah, so that would be $171K in the format LSD uses to enter scholarships
@WhatItDoBayBeee: i love that you posted that in general instead of off-topic lmao
Shhh idk what you’re talking about !
[] ararara
@Thersh: I think a major point of what tutors should do is create an experience you cannot get anywhere else every lesson and so yeah it sounds like that didn’t happen. Ultimately though you standing on your own is the biggest thing because nobody will be there with you on test day.
Everyone doll worm is crazy
[] ararara
I always try to do that. I take my notes that I’ve been building since keeping my wrong answer journal then tweak them based on what students are saying.
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