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International Relations
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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
89 American University Pending RDregular decision Sep 17 2023-09-17
125 Campbell University Accepted RDregular decision $94,500 Sep 23 2023-09-23 Nov 20 2023-11-20
80 Pennsylvania State -... Pending RDregular decision Sep 17 2023-09-17
60 UKentucky Pending RDregular decision Sep 17 2023-09-17
60 URichmond Pending RDregular decision Sep 17 2023-09-17
60 USouth Carolina Accepted RDregular decision $61,686 Sep 17 2023-09-17 Oct 02 2023-10-02
45 William & Mary Law S... Pending RDregular decision Oct 09 2023-10-09


General chat about the legal profession.
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Exactly why she’d be the perfect lawyer
and yeah good point lmao
Hunger games series is one of the few moves that gets it right though to be fair
@WhatItDoBayBeee: i'll send it somewhere to you because you seem chill if there's a way to do that but i'm not posting publicly
@PerpetualEfficaciousReader: you okay/locked somewhere safe?
shooting lockdowns suck so much sorry that's happening to you
I’m honored, when I sent that I 100% was just shooting the shit I for sure would not if In your shoes lmao
@WhatItDoBayBeee: have you seen ballad of songbirds
I haven’t yet I need to rewatch all the movies leading up to get the juices flowing lol haven’t had time yet
Wait a lockdown?
@PerpetualEfficaciousReader: echoing Moutaineer, hoping you are safe!
I was pleasantly surprised by the ballad of songbirds movie
What does a ciabatta roll taste like
@WhatItDoBayBeee: there was a shooting at UNLV today
yall ever in bed about to fall asleep and then start thinking about your lsat writing sample
No. Mine was about paleontology and I had so much fun writing it
cops are saying suspect is dead
i dont even remember mine, it was from april
When I’m about to fall asleep I start thinking about getting older and how my parents are going to die one day :(
With my last message before maxing out I can assure you as someone who’s dependent on auto correct my essay was a HOT mess
@SophisticatedSoftPelican: same! Thought it was so good, the lead sang everything live, and Viola slayed
ok yeah me neither i totally dont think about it
I've got two identified typos in my Harvard App
lmao asu sent a case to read for the ASD, aint no way i'm reading that. the prof better not cold call me
and at least one in my writing sample lol
purposefully implement typos to morse code your true personal statement
my Yale one has zero typos tho
because Ihaven
* I haven't looked at it since I sent it
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