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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
61 Loyola Marymount Uni... WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Oct 01 2023-10-01 Oct 01 2023-10-01 Oct 18 2023-10-18 Jan 31 2024-01-31 Feb 23 2024-02-23
78 Loyola University—Ch... Accepted, At... RDregular decision $99,000 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Oct 23 2023-10-23 Oct 24 2023-10-24 Feb 01 2024-02-01
108 Michigan State Unive... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $108,000 Nov 15 2023-11-15 Nov 16 2023-11-16 Nov 16 2023-11-16 Nov 20 2023-11-20 Dec 11 2023-12-11 Dec 15 2023-12-15
94 Saint Louis University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $90,000 Sep 13 2023-09-13 Sep 13 2023-09-13 Sep 13 2023-09-13 Nov 01 2023-11-01 Nov 20 2023-11-20 Nov 21 2023-11-21
158 Santa Clara University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $105,000 Sep 06 2023-09-06 Sep 06 2023-09-06 Sep 06 2023-09-06 Sep 07 2023-09-07 Dec 13 2023-12-13 Dec 20 2023-12-20
114 Seattle University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $120,000 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Oct 12 2023-10-12 Oct 19 2023-10-19 Nov 20 2023-11-20 Dec 15 2023-12-15
48 UColorado—Boulder Rejected RDregular decision Oct 06 2023-10-06 Oct 07 2023-10-07 Oct 09 2023-10-09 Nov 10 2023-11-10
55 UConnecticut WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Sep 17 2023-09-17 Sep 19 2023-09-19 Sep 20 2023-09-20 Nov 10 2023-11-10 Jan 10 2024-01-10
89 UDenver Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $0 Sep 20 2023-09-20 Sep 20 2023-09-20 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Dec 12 2023-12-12
61 UMissouri Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $24,000 Sep 06 2023-09-06 Sep 07 2023-09-07 Sep 11 2023-09-11 Sep 20 2023-09-20
82 UOregon Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $75,000 Sep 15 2023-09-15 Sep 15 2023-09-15 Oct 19 2023-10-19 Dec 27 2023-12-27 Jan 04 2024-01-04
48 UWashington WL, Accepted RDregular decision Oct 02 2023-10-02 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Oct 08 2023-10-08 Jan 22 2024-01-22 Feb 09 2024-02-09
16 Washington Universit... Waitlisted ED➜RDearly decision deferred to regular decision Sep 06 2023-09-06 Sep 07 2023-09-07 Sep 11 2023-09-11 Sep 15 2023-09-15 Sep 08 2023-09-08 Mar 08 2024-03-08


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Seems like one person reported they did here on lsd last week
for gulc, it seems that most of the people admitted off the wl have either a high gpa or high lsat
i haven't seem them admit people w/ "normal" stats
Did you guys know what area of law you wanted to practice in when you are applying? I am looking to start Law school in 2025 but I am having trouble deciding what area to focus on.
adding to what @menherachan said it looks like most of the people actually reporting it are reverse splitters specifically but who knows if thats representative of the actual body of people let off the waitlist yesterday
[] ararara
@Silver: good morning! Hope you watched the sun come up! Realistically the most important three things in admissions are our grades/test score/softs so I wouldn’t overthink the rest too much! I personally have a real calling to pursue law but don’t think the adcomms really need a tearjerking story to compel them to admit us! They want to see that we can handle law school imo.
@Silver: You don't have to completely decide what area of law you'd like to practice prior to attending. You can learn what areas you enjoy while attending. It would be a good idea to research certain areas and talk to attorneys that practice to get a rough idea on what it's like.
When law school folks and legal professionals, etc. refer to "public interest" jobs or sometimes to "public interest or service" jobs, I take it the job of being a judge is not included in this category, right? And this even though some government jobs would be included, for instance being a prosecutor or a public defender.
I find that a bit odd, so I feel like I may be misunderstanding.
Can someone help me figure out what soft tier I'd fall under? I am director level in my job, and come from disadvantaged status. does that make me tier 3 or 2?
disadvantaged might be tier 3 if you’re lucky. but that will be really solid in the work experience category. work experience is one of the strongest factors for law school acceptance
Are weekend admissions decision common or is that just when people choose to update their statuses loool?
@BankruptcyAndRestructuringLawIsCool: SIGH..
is anyone thinking of heavily utilizing an ipad during school? people keep bringing it up when i think about supplies and stuff but im curious about what y'all think too
i didnt like ipads in undergrad, but a lot of the really competent people would swear by them
i wish i were competent so bad
but that makes sense ty
lmao me2
let me know if you figure out how to be competent i would like tips
Hi! I’m a rising 3L at GULC who transferred and is in big law now. Does anyone have any questions lol
can you put a good word in for me with adcommns?
@georgiapeach88: Where did you transfer from? And why did you transfer?
Oh, I see from your profile: Maryland. Still, why did you transfer?
[] ararara
Caught the most epic sunset haha I was so high up my ears still haven’t popped
[] ararara
@georgiapeach88: I actually remember you from some of the first times I was on this site
Just out of curiosity: Do we think it's fair to say that the percentage of users of those site who continue to use it after their 1L starts, for those users who actually went or go to law school, is <1%?
@georgiapeach88: not sure if you're still there but im also curious bout why you transferred, especially since your application says you were eventually admitted to GULC off the waitlist?
do we think GULC is done
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