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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
29 Boston College Pending RDregular decision Sep 21 2023-09-21 Sep 22 2023-09-22 Sep 22 2023-09-22
8 Columbia University Pending RDregular decision Sep 29 2023-09-29 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Oct 04 2023-10-04
5 Harvard University Pending RDregular decision Sep 29 2023-09-29 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Oct 03 2023-10-03 Nov 02 2023-11-02
5 New York University Accepted RDregular decision Sep 21 2023-09-21 Sep 21 2023-09-21 Sep 21 2023-09-21 Oct 26 2023-10-26 Nov 15 2023-11-15
1 Stanford University Pending RDregular decision Sep 29 2023-09-29 Oct 04 2023-10-04 Oct 10 2023-10-10
10 UCBerkeley Pending RDregular decision Oct 11 2023-10-11 Oct 11 2023-10-11 Oct 12 2023-10-12 Oct 23 2023-10-23
3 UChicago Pending RDregular decision Oct 08 2023-10-08 Oct 08 2023-10-08 Oct 09 2023-10-09 Oct 26 2023-10-26
10 UMichigan Pending RDregular decision Sep 20 2023-09-20 Sep 20 2023-09-20 Sep 22 2023-09-22
16 UMinnesota Pending RDregular decision Sep 21 2023-09-21 Sep 21 2023-09-21 Oct 09 2023-10-09 Oct 18 2023-10-18 Nov 27 2023-11-27
4 UPennsylvania Pending RDregular decision Sep 29 2023-09-29 Sep 29 2023-09-29 Oct 09 2023-10-09 Nov 22 2023-11-22
16 UTexas at Austin Pending RDregular decision Sep 21 2023-09-21 Sep 21 2023-09-21 Sep 23 2023-09-23 Nov 01 2023-11-01 Nov 07 2023-11-07
1 Yale University Pending RDregular decision Oct 16 2023-10-16 Oct 17 2023-10-17 Oct 19 2023-10-19


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did anyone else not have a status change at UNC? applied mid-early November and no update here
After two months of waiting, I finally got my first response at all and it was an A. Granted its to my Safety Safety school but finally accepted somewhere!
@ObsceneSnappingTurtle: They make us sign an agreement to not reveal the questions, but I prepped with what 7sage has on their interview questions and thought it was good enough. 4 questions and 1 written if I remember correctly (maybe 3 and 1 written tho tbh idr). Pretty similar to what the other person said.
@PowerfulDeliriousMeerkat: yay! Congratulations :)
@taygoestolawschool: nah ppl were reporting that on reddit, i’m guessing 12/5 they did something w their system to begin the review process at large
@PowerfulDeliriousMeerkat: ayyy you’re gonna be an LS student come fall!!
gotcha thank you
how do you all stay positive I have been low-key struggling lately, idk if I should get off here and reddit. thoughts?
@taygoestolawschool: I mostly make goat noises and refuse to take things seriously other than preparing for law school, work, and the patent bar
take long walks
For me I've been focusing on self improvement and eating healthy and working out more. Instead of wasting time doing nothing I keep thinking who do I want to be when I get that call I've dreamed about.
@taygoestolawschool: yeah id get off these sites if u feel like it’s making things worse
I just am like dooms daying it all the time and not thinking there is room for me lol
when did you submit your apps?
@taygoestolawschool: carrot juice is amazing btw
I just hang out with this chat open in a window while I work
omg I love carrot juice
and mid to late nov
@taygoestolawschool: Past couple of weeks I have tried to stop spam refreshing my gmail and reddit to just focus on school. Playing the waiting game is ass so its nice to avoid things that just encourage more waiting. One thought is if you want to get off of here just like play chess or a mobile game or watch youtube any time you have the urge to come on here instead.
Don't keep it open in personal time
just before thanksgiving
just before thanksgiving?!
yes lol I know I need help
dawg u r so good lol, ur app is probably not even being really looked at yet at T14
Plus your stats are great so tay will surely be going to law school and have their pick of them too
if u can be on here and understand that it’s fine but if ur gonna compare urself to ppl who the vast majority applied much earlier then it’s j gonna be painful my dude. i got 3 T14 As but i had to wait well over a month for the first to come through and that’s still early tbh. Application volume has also only increased so i wouldn’t worry until late jan/early feb
@BetterCallLSAC: i like your username
me too
You should try and find something that you can grind towards in the meantime. I think the hard part is we all bust our asses for months on end just to have no control anymore while waiting. I decided I'm training for a tough mudder lol. At least find something healthy to obsess over !
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