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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
999 PT UDayton Accepted RDregular decision $80,000 Nov 01 2023-11-01 Nov 07 2023-11-07 Nov 07 2023-11-07 Nov 20 2023-11-20
105 Albany Law School Of... Pending RDregular decision Nov 03 2023-11-03 Nov 03 2023-11-03 Nov 03 2023-11-03
80 Case Western Reserve... Pending RDregular decision Nov 02 2023-11-02 Nov 02 2023-11-02 Nov 02 2023-11-02
71 Northeastern University Pending RDregular decision Nov 03 2023-11-03 Nov 04 2023-11-04 Nov 04 2023-11-04
105 UArkansas, Fayetteville Accepted RDregular decision Nov 01 2023-11-01 Nov 01 2023-11-01 Nov 01 2023-11-01 Nov 21 2023-11-21
105 UNew Hampshire Accepted RDregular decision Nov 01 2023-11-01 Nov 01 2023-11-01 Nov 01 2023-11-01 Dec 01 2023-12-01


General chat about the legal profession.
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currently writing a historiography due at midnight and oh my GOD my eyes hurt
Everyone is trying to get brand new lmao
im in american studies and our whole thing is reading books that basically debunk american history and culture
Seeing the South Carolina Rs and WLs made me mad lol
we'll see. doubt it's over for anyone below a 169 or a 4.0 lmao
For other people's sake i hope so
Look at their graphs from the past and despair
156 25th didn’t just appear though I agree
why do we think yale is calling ppl rn
vibes, secret information?
someone marked themselves as accepted 10m ago
someone reported an A and this is the time it would be happening based on last waves
there's an A for YLS right there
UGA isn’t gonna become UVA overnight lol no matter how hard they try
ain't gonna stop em from trying apparently
more than likely they’ll hand out their money to people, see how many commits they get then move from there. Lower stats As are def on the way just deep into the cycle my guess
Maybe it's just the smallest Yale wave of all time
yale wave (one A)
more like a ripple
@WhatItDoBayBeee that's exactly how it'll play out
eh, if you look at prior years on here they admit like 8-9 people below median total. it's like a literal wall compared to the right angles you see at other schools
LSD data points are only lsd users, naturally skewed high because of the type of people who get on these types of stats
so many schools seem to be tryna bump medians this year
ABA percentile is the #1 telling point here imo
That's a thing every year. If you apply in 10 years you'll need at least a 180 for T100
i think a lot of schools are going to fail to meet medians and be left in the lurch. total applicants over 165 are down this year
I'm praying that schools will be in desperate need of high LSATs
@WhatItDoBayBeee: thing is the 25th percentiles are kind of deceiving. If you are at both 25ths it seems like "hey, I have an okay chance" but it's more likely that those applicants are splitters or reverse splitters, which help their medians rise
*those matriculants
They wanna bump medians but they still want a full 1Ls worth of tuition coming in, UGA cannot rely on only 170s lol they aren’t there yet despite it clearly being their goal
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