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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
75 Drexel University Withdrawn RDregular decision Nov 29 2023-11-29 Nov 29 2023-11-29 Nov 30 2023-11-30 Nov 30 2023-11-30
94 Duquesne University WL, Withdrawn ED➜RDearly decision deferred to regular decision Sep 27 2023-09-27 Sep 27 2023-09-27 Nov 30 2023-11-30 Feb 05 2024-02-05 Mar 05 2024-03-05 Mar 06 2024-03-06
75 Pennsylvania State -... Accepted, At... RDregular decision $30,000 Nov 29 2023-11-29 Nov 29 2023-11-29 Nov 30 2023-11-30 Nov 30 2023-11-30 Jan 31 2024-01-31 Feb 07 2024-02-07
161 UMassachusetts Dartm... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $45,000 Dec 17 2023-12-17 Dec 17 2023-12-17 Dec 19 2023-12-19 Dec 19 2023-12-19 Feb 05 2024-02-05
78 UNevada—Las Vegas WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Dec 16 2023-12-16 Dec 16 2023-12-16 Dec 18 2023-12-18 Dec 18 2023-12-18 Jan 05 2024-01-05 1969-06-09 Feb 13 2024-02-13
999 Widener University—P... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $111,000 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Oct 02 2023-10-02 Nov 30 2023-11-30 Nov 30 2023-11-30 Dec 07 2023-12-07 1969-06-09 Dec 12 2023-12-12


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i got in an accident recently and now my legs hurt but im painting my nails soon which is always fun
Who ru suing???
yeah no like pay my tuition pls an ty <3
i will not be suing anyone just hobbling along until i feel better
When my aunt house got flooded. I told to get a lawyer and sue everyone and try to settle
this was me
hell yeah get that paper
last week i didnt paint my nails in the school colors for all the schools i was waitlisted by and then i got rejected from one of the schools so clearly i should not make that mistake again
thats science after all
the only real solution is to paint your nails the school colors every day
a different school each day
hmmm you know that just might work
@ararara: thanks! You too!
@GreenJumbledScorpion: curious what did you major in
poli sci
I’m a scientist 🤓
Regreting my life so hard
what exactly are you regretting
Why i didn't major in something easier
oh i felt that so hard my dumbass really tried to get like 3 degrees in 5 years like "yeah this is totally doable" when it was very much not doable
I did not go to 90% of my classes. Just saw dogged that shit.
One class took place two days a week and thought it was only one day a week. I didn’t realize until the middle of the semester
I’m worried that my laziness is gonna hurt me
im sure youll be fine
This brief suggests otherwise 😅
its gonna be so good!
I think I am just burned out tbh
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