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Applicant search - Duke University

Found 5 matching applications.
Result User LSAT GPA Scholarship
WL, Withdrawn khockey23 177 3.5
WL, Withdrawn Character and fitness issuesAvailableRhetoricalLiger 176 3.54
Accepted ZanlaJD 176 3.52 $150,000
Accepted TroutLawyer 176 3.45 $135,000
Waitlisted GreenGrapeSoda 175 3.53
* The data in this table is user-reported and may be inaccurate.


General chat about the legal profession.
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From info sessions and other workshops I attended, the (typical) process described looked more like: yes, your app probably gets *read* in the order it's submitted, but after that (many) schools will "track" your app based on stats + the rest of your file.
(Barring ED/priority review/other options where the school would need to jump you ahead in the queue, or rather put you in a separate queue that exists ahead of the general RD inbox)
If you hit all the stats they need + your softs are great, you might end up on the "probable admit" trackand have a decision pretty quickly (whether it gets shared right away or not). Ditto if your stats are disqualifying or you come across as a serial killer in your app. But a lot of marginal applicants may get shunted to some kind of purgatory where their file gets a second look later in the cycle, or gets moved from "marginal admit" to "marginal waitlist" or vice versa, and the decision on your file is made after people who applied months later but were a clear call
The official line is "if you give yourself the time for Princeton Law School to take that 2nd/3rd look at your file, that may help (compared to applying in February so they need to make a snap judgment) but unlikely they fill their class by the time your file is read or anything that drastic
2L here... How is everyone doing
whats the matter?
I know the feeling believe me
I have one school that has my app on hold until I add this semester's grades to my CAS but im not sure how, and kinda just rolling the dice for a lot of these schools
I like your bio! Dont give up. Getting an A, anywhere, isn't easy. Itll come
I needed that thank you
Took me 3 cycles and over 35 applications just to get one A. You got this, believe me
How do we got about updating our transcript to LSAC?
and does it send to all schools automatically
Same process as before. They will automatically be sent to all outstanding apps
Ok thank you
hows 2L
Not bad. Got my summer associate job about 2 weeks ago so I really took my foot off the gas.
Finishing up my Tax outline rn but I thought I would hop on and say hello
Funny enough, the discord we made for our class on LSD still talks everyday
So it just reminded me log on tbh
@ChromaticStorm: I know these are anxious times and there are a lot of unknowns, but believe in yourself and it WILL work out. 2 years ago I thought I would never get in and I'm somehow already a 2L. I believe in you
If you need help, advice, or anything at all, hmu on reddit and I will gladly help in any way I can. even if its just to talk or vent
You got it thank you
god speed my friend
[] ararara
@ThisIsTheEnd: got distracted while driving following a shooting star and now I have no idea where I am lol
[] ararara
Thanks for coming back here that’s so touching
[] BlueAndWhiteGuy
this is a dumb question but
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