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Study hard.
You can score high.
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How to take the LSAT:

  • Learn about the LSAT & decide if you want to take it
  • Make a schedule
  • Get some books, maybe use a prep company
  • Study really hard
  • Rock the LSAT

Learn about the LSAT

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. It is the test that almost all law schools want to see when you apply. The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) states that: “The purpose of the LSAT is to test the skills necessary for success in the first year of law school.”

This might be true, but really the point of taking the LSAT is to get the best score possible, get into the best law school possible, and get as much financial aid as possible.

Scores range from 120-180. To see what schools people have gotten into with different scores, GPAs, and other stats you can check out others’ self-reported infohere.

Honestly, if you are here, then the answer is probably, yes. In general, if you are thinking about going to law school then you should consider taking the LSAT. At least find a practice test and take a diagnostic to see if it is something that you would enjoy studying more.

The LSAT is a learnable test and preparation is key.

The sooner you decide if you want to take the LSAT, the more time you'll have to study and do well.

There are a lot of ways to prepare. Some are free, some cost a little, and some cost a lot. Regardless of what tools you use, focused studying is the most important piece of preparation. We made an easy guide that helps to compare the major test preparation tools. You can find ithere.

Khan Academy is a great place to start. Their program was made in collaboration with LSAC and is free. The first step with Khan is a scored diagnostic test, so even if you don’t want to use them to study, you should still check it out. We recommend taking your diagnostic test in conditions as close to a real test as possible.

The LSAT is a two-part test.

Multiple-choice portion

The first part is the only part that impacts your official LSAT score. It is a multiple-choice exam that includes four 35-minute sections, each containing one type of question. The three types of questions are reading comprehension, analytical reasoning AKA Logic Games, and logical reasoning questions.

Although there are three types of questions, the multiple choice part has four 35-minute sections. The fourth section is an unscored experimental section that is used to validate new questions. The unscored section can appear in any order among the four sections of the test. That means the first section of the test might be unscored, or the fourth, and you have no way of knowing which one it is, so you have to take them all like they matter!

Written portion

The writing portion is mandatory but unscored. LSAC sends your essay to schools along with your LSAT score.

COVID NOTE: The LSAT used to be five sections, but due to COVID the LSAC dropped it down to four. When it was five sections, there were always at least two logical reasoning sections. Additionally, now through at least June of 2022 the test is being administered remotely. This means that you take it at home on your own computer. LSAC has stated that: “Depending on how the COVID-19 situation evolves, we may also provide an option to take the LSAT at test centers.”

Generally, it is good to take the LSAT sooner rather than later, but there is a balance between taking it early, and making sure you are prepared so that you can get the best score possible.

Ideally, you would take the LSAT and have an official score before October, assuming you're applying this year. This way, you'll have time to take the LSAT again if you are unsatisfied with your first score.

Without a doubt, you should take a diagnostic test as soon as you are thinking about law school so that you can determine the best way to prepare, and decide when you want to take an official test. We are working on some recommendation tools to help you determine when you should take a test and when you should prepare more.

No, LSAC will send the scores from each of the official LSATs you have taken. 

However, law schools only look at your highest score, unless you are an extreme outlier.

You can cancel your test after you take it, but before you get your score. We generally recommend against cancelling your score. We know people felt like they did terribly and then ended up receiving their highest score ever.

You should take the LSAT as many times as makes sense for you, financially and score-wise.

Law schools only look at your highest score, unless you are an extreme outlier.

LSAC imposes the following limits:

  • Three times in a single testing year
  • Five times within the last five years
  • Seven times maximum
I think my ASU one took a little bit after the status updated
and congrats!
thanks! :) and thank you for all the congrats y'all :)
Haven't logged on in about a week, who's been doing the dongin' today?
So UR2 means you're still under review but the status date changed, yeah?
@HealthLawHope98: DOING THE DAMN THING!! congrats!! <3
Cornell UR3 post Kira = good or bad?
@ForegoingVagabondOstrich: wait me tooo
I think getting an II post-UR2 is rare so we are already in uncharted territory
So maybe it is standard procedure to review us a third time??
My Cornell update today was Interview Received
Sent the Kira Friday
Did you get the II post-UR1 or UR2?
Not me refreshing my checker every 2 seconds.. ugh. The wait is the WORST
UR1 for 10 days, II 3 days after UR2, today changed to interview received
@HissingAbhorrentLobster: same tho
NU status checker down for anyone else?
it was for me but then i just closed out of it and went back in and it was fine
probably just buggy
Ah, it's working now. I think it was just down for a bit.
Still haven't gotten a response from Cornell about my missing Kira registration
Dunno if i should send another email or not
Id email again
Is profile private? Can someone confirm
Your... Missing KIRA registration?
@ForTheShoe: You're private!
@imtoodumbforthis: Thanks!
praying for a OSU, GW or Villanova wave soon
I think Villanova is only doing ED apps rn and wont respond to RD until December
@AltruisticChaosSquirrel: I got an interview invite with status checker update, received the email from Cornell, but never got the email from Kira Talent to access the system and do the interview
If anyone wants a completely free application Texas A&M will give you a CAS waiver if you just ask
its been 12 days since I was accepted somewhere and I still don't have anything in the mail
Does anyone who has applied to Vanderbilt have any insight on the "Optional Video Essay" found in their status checker? Is this something applicants regularly do? Did any of you do it/not do it?
I'm not doing it
I don't know if it's KIRA, but it sounds like KIRA
I asked for alumni interview
The video interview gives you three tries to answer a paraphrased "introduce yourself + why Vandy"
i think they tell you to do the video essay if you are applying for specific scholarships
Or if you are too late for the alumni interview
I just went application review complete at Cornell, any idea when I get a result email?
Application complete notification at FSU after 15 days
anyone have any idea what "application review complete" means at Cornell guys
According to reddit that means you're in
I saw that, I can't believe it to be honest, I hope its true, all the posts were from 3 years ago
Did you interview?
definitely a good sign at the minimum
on 9/28
What time does UMich's status checker refresh? Mine still says 10/21
Oh nvm I think that's just last change to file
@SpicyMushyEel: yeah that's an A friend
I just got the email, thanks guys. I'm so grateful, hopefully its a great cycle for us all
grats, what was your timeline?
also, y'all are getting mich status date changes?
I havent had any changes since I applied to Mich
my date is still 9/10, which i assume is my complete date
same here
idk if they've even really started
Yeah the date changes when you get an update and their "Complete" is UR
@JakeG: II 9/28, Interview received 10/4, 10/25 I got the email
So you won't get an update until a decision is made
when I talked to their rep at LSAC forum they said they were only doing ED first before moving onto RD applicants
Same at the UC's
@SpicyMushyEel: do mind sharing stats? Congrats btw
ah i was thinking about last cycle when i think people got date changes after going complete at mich? not sure if that's been happening for other people this cycle too
@LexLaw224: you can look me up by searching my name in Cornell's graphs and data on lsdata but I have a 4.29, 171
whew that gpa
Cornell 171 median confirmed
yea I was lucky my school had A+
mine didnt and had A-
I'd do disgusting things to have a 4.29
Incredible SpicyMushyEel!!! Congrats!!!
Congrats tho that's a lot of dedication!!
Thats awesome Cornell is a killer school
Ithaca is lovely dont listen to the haters
Thanks a lot everyone!!! :D
Will never understand LSAC's 4.33 stance. Absolutely absurd
it is dumb imo
do you guys think that they take into account what kind of school you came from for GPA
The fact that a majority of students literally can't go over a 4.0 is reason enough for it to not make sense
no not really
That sucks lol
No schools just wanna boost that USNWR
I always hoped haha
idk why they would
The only thing they look at is what your GPA is. So the fact that some people are on a 4.33 scale and others 4.0 is ridiculous
I mean some schools are obviously harder than others
Unless you went to like Princeton, Yale, or Harvard
but even then
a 2.0 from harvard is worse off than a 4.0 from a state school
even a 3.5 probably
absolutely, and its not close. GPA is everything.
I'd take a 4.0 at a state school over probably even a 3.85 from a state school
from harvard*
that's insane
yeah exactly because there is no reason for them not
yeah there's grade inflation everywhere
obviously I should have just picked an easy undergrad then lolol
Schools dont report the schools applicants come from. They report the GPA. And thats everything
If I know anyone in highschool interested in law, I tell them to go to the easiest 4.33 school they can find
Well the term 'easy' is entirely relative
I mean not really
it definitely is
some schools are obviously harder than others
School and major
and some majors as well
Yeah major matters more than school
like I was a math major and def could have gotten by easier with english
but its based entirely on individual aptitude
Like if you go to a Big state school and do engineering good luck getting 3.5 or above
Aptitude is less important when you have a .33 cushion to work with
literally 1 B on a 4.00 and youre (somewhat) screwed.
4.33 can fix that
yeah I got a B- and a B+ and I will never crack above a 3.9
I will literally never understand LSAC's position on 4.33 grades. I've tried to. I can't/
I'd love to grill them on it. I'd love an actual explanation on how that's not egregiously unfair
GPA is secondary to LSAT for a reason I guess
given how important GPA reporting is
The annoying thing is that most of my A's would be considered A+ at schools that have them so I would likely have over a 4.0 at another school
like almost all of them are 97+
yeah same here, my school didnt have them
how do you search solely for ED apps
^I don't think you can
Damn someone on reddit said it was possible. I didnt think so either
You can only do that at LawSchoolNumbers right?
Looks like UVA is having a smol ewave
Got the WL at UVA, second time in a year
I'm sorry friend :( that's particularly rough as the first decision of the cycle
sorry to hear it :( with that lsat it's their loss!!
Below both medians at UVA was expecting a rejection but still hurts. Got it today.
Hugs stormy. Gotta shoot your shot
@StormyMaddeningSkater: i'm sorry friend. better decisions are coming your way ❤️, try not to let this decision color your expectations for the cycle. Just because one school doesn't bite doesn't mean others won't snatch you up and shower you in scholly $! 💕
can NYLS stop with the emails oml
"Sorry we missed you!"
I'm not.
same *unsubscribed*
Unsubscribed this morning
You can! You can search early decision in each school's graph
We haven't seen any action from NYU and Columbia yet right?
no, likely no action from NYU until at least November, none from CLS until probably January
why have I been UR2 at UVA since 9/12
anyone else?
seems like everyone else with that date already got a decison
UVA E wave going on right now
Everyone be safe
i havent really seen movement from any nyc schools to be honest which is a bummer :(
does the status checker change if they WL or R you at UVA?
my GULC alum interview was a few weeks ago and its crickets on my end
i want a gulc interview
i just did my vandy interview this morning
@GrotesqueAbsorbingUrchin: mine did
CLS hasn't even sent fee waivers yet
they also don't tell you when you are UR - they mark your app as complete and then you wont hear from them until they give you a decision
unless they give you an interview but that seems to be relatively uncommon
I went complete at SMU, do you think I will get admitted in like 2 days
is it still possible for CLS to send fee waivers?
@10000rats: yea
Does anyones UCLA status checker have grey bar?
Like above the profile box?
I dont see any status just gray bar above profie
Yea I do, not sure if it means anything
@10000rats: great name (you always have to pick the rats) and yeah CLS didn't send fee waivers til Halloween last year lol
we need some A waveesss
༼つ ◕_◕༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ
@TroutLawyer: thanks boo <3
༼つ ◕_◕༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ
༼つ ◕_◕༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ
༼つ ◕_◕༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ
UVA strikes again
welp I sent UH my c&f documentation that consists of my freshman year noise complaint and the speeding ticket from when I was 16
Doxxed myself lmao
the fact that UF's 75th percentile LSAT is 169 breaks my heart
A decision from Northeastern :O
Can you look at stats for early decision at schools?
Anyone else go red for BU? They changed their sentences from 2 spaces after a period to 1
Everybody send me good vibes, I was WLed and rejected by everyone last year bc I applied too late and I really need acceptances
you can search "early decision" in the chart area of each school @kayleeJS
ED search is on my todo list but i have a ton of other stuff to get through. is the ED filter something a lot of people want?
@cryptanon: hey crypt! Sorry if this was mentioned earlier (I just got into the chat) but I'm having trouble with the "Add school" button, wasn't sure if anyone else had the same issue
Obviously no sweat and doesn't affect me at all just wanted to give you a heads up if you hadn't heard/seen that yet
ED search is meh
Just got in at ASU with $$$$
@nycbased004556: haven't heard that, can you say more about the issue?
@AnywhereThatGivesMeMoney: congrats!!