Law Schools in New Jersey

Are you are looking to go to one of the law schools in New Jersey? There are 4 ABA accredited law schools in New Jersey.

The highest ranked law school in New Jersey is Seton Hall University, which was ranked 56 by US News in 2023. The school has an LSAT median of 159 and a GPA median of 3.62.

The best law school in New Jersey depends on what you're looking for. Every law school is different, just like every person is different.

Other schools in New Jersey include Rutgers Law School, Rutgers Law School - Newark Campus, Rutgers Law School. If you want to go to law school in New Jersey, you should consider these schools.

ABA accredited law schools in New Jersey

  1. Seton Hall Law School
  2. Rutgers Law School
  3. Rutgers Law School - Newark Campus
  4. Rutgers Law School

You can also check out law schools in the states that border New Jersey: Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania.

Detailed information on New Jersey law schools

Seton Hall Law School

Newark, New Jersey
Rank 56 (US News 2023)
  • Ranked: 56 by US News in 2023.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 154/159/162
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.38/3.62/3.78
  • Acceptance rate: 40.3
  • Bar passage rate: 89.6

Rutgers Law School

Camden, New Jersey
Rank 86 (US News 2022)
  • Ranked: 86 by US News in 2022.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 155/157/160
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.09/3.39/3.63
  • Acceptance rate: 41.6
  • Bar passage rate: 74.6

Rutgers Law School - Newark Campus

Newark, New Jersey
Rank 109 (US News 2023)
  • Ranked: 109 by US News in 2023.
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): 155/158/160
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): 3.07/3.41/3.64
  • Acceptance rate: 41.1
  • Bar passage rate: 65.6

Rutgers Law School

Camden, New Jersey
Rank (US News )
  • Ranked: by US News in .
  • LSAT percentiles (25/50/75): ?/?/?
  • GPA percentiles (25/50/75): ?/?/?
  • Acceptance rate:
  • Bar passage rate:


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