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popular justice

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A quick definition of popular justice:

Popular justice refers to the idea of justice that is based on public opinion, which may not always be fair or proper. It is different from social justice, which is based on moral principles like equality. Other types of justice include commutative justice, which deals with fairness in exchange and contractual obligations, and distributive justice, which involves the fair allocation of resources and burdens within a community. Justices are judges, with the chief justice being the presiding justice of an appellate court, and circuit justices having jurisdiction over specific federal circuits.

A more thorough explanation:

Popular justice refers to the idea of justice that satisfies the prevailing public opinion in a particular case, even if it is considered less than fully fair and proper. It is also known as demotic justice.

For example, if a person is accused of a crime and the public believes they are guilty, they may face popular justice in the form of harassment or violence, even if they have not been proven guilty in a court of law. This type of justice is not always fair or just, as it is based on public opinion rather than legal principles.

It is important to note that popular justice should not be confused with social justice, which is based on moral principles such as equality for all people.

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