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mala in se

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A quick definition of mala in se:

Mala in se is a Latin term that means "evil in itself." It refers to crimes or acts that are inherently immoral, such as murder, arson, or rape. These are things that are wrong no matter what the law says. Mala in se is different from mala prohibita, which are acts that are only wrong because the law says so. The distinction between these two types of acts has been around for a long time, but some people think it's not a good one. However, it is still used today.

A more thorough explanation:

Mala in se (pronounced mal-uh in say) is a Latin term that means "evil in itself." It refers to crimes or acts that are inherently immoral, such as murder, arson, or rape.

  • Murder
  • Arson
  • Rape

These examples illustrate mala in se because they are universally considered to be immoral and wrong. They are not just illegal because the law says so, but because they are inherently evil acts that harm others.

The term mala in se is used to distinguish between acts that are inherently wrong and those that are only wrong because they are prohibited by law (mala prohibita). The distinction is important because it helps us understand the moral implications of different types of crimes. Mala in se crimes are considered to be more serious because they violate fundamental moral principles, while mala prohibita crimes are often less serious and may only be illegal because of social or cultural norms.

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