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de futuro

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Definition: De futuro means "regarding the future" or "at a future time." This Latin phrase was often used in reference to a promise of marriage, which was not considered binding if it mentioned marriage at a future date. It is the opposite of de praesenti, which refers to something happening in the present.

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De futuro is a Latin term that means "regarding the future" or "at a future time." It was often used in reference to a promise of marriage that was not binding if it mentioned marriage at a future date.

One example of de futuro is a promise between two people to get married in five years. This promise is not legally binding because it is referring to a future event.

Another example is a contract that states a company will deliver a product in six months. This contract is de futuro because it is referring to a future time.

The examples illustrate the definition of de futuro because they both refer to events that will happen in the future. The term is used to indicate that something is not currently binding because it is referring to a future time. This is important in legal and contractual agreements because it allows for flexibility and the ability to change plans if necessary.

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