University of Montana Law School

Rank 103 (USNWR 2024)
Median LSAT
Median GPA
Acceptance rate

Also known as

  • University of Montana Law School
  • University of Montana

University of Montana Law School is a law school located in Missoula, Montana. The school was ranked 103 in 2024 by USNWR. Annual enrollment for University of Montana Law School is approximately 91.

Admissions website: https://www.umt.edu/admissions-and-financial-aid/

Admissions email: ben.hamman@mso.umt.edu

Admissions phone: 406.243.5351

Can I get into University of Montana Law School with aGPA andLSAT?

University of Montana Law School Key Statistics

Previous year ABA 509 data
Percentiles 25 50 75
LSAT 151 154 158
GPA 3.05 3.43 3.71
Miscellaneous Count Percentile
# Applications 522 9
# Admissions offers 345 -
Class size 91 6
% Accepted 66.1% 6
% Yield 26.4% 35

During the 2024 application cycle, 522 people applied and 345 were offered admission.

University of Montana has a 1L class size of 91, and yield of 26.38%. 91 out of 345 applicants who were offered admission accepted, meaning that 26.38% of the people who were offered admission ended up attending the school.

The 1L class at University of Montana has a median LSAT of 154. The 25th percentile LSAT is 150 and the 75th percentile LSAT is 158.

The median GPA is 3.48. The 25th percentile GPA is 3.23 and the 75th percentile GPA is 3.69.

University of Montana Law School LSAT & GPA graph for 2022-2023

LSD has stats for 37 applicants for the 2022-2023 application cycle.

The graphs show applicant results plotted against GPA and LSAT. The dotted lines on the graphs represent the 25/50/75th percentiles reported by the school in their ABA 509 report from the previous year.

Each data point represents an LSD user that shared their application results for the benefit of future applicants.

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25th, 50th, 75th refer to percentiles from last year's admitted class

How much does University of Montana Law School cost per year?

15th percentile
In-state tuition
12th percentile
Bar pass rate
65th percentile
Salary, 25th %
18th percentile
12th percentile
PI Salary
31st percentile
Employment rate
99th percentile
Grads with debt
19th percentile
Average debt
16th percentile

Cost of attending University of Montana Law School

In 2024, tuition was $41,177 and the annual cost of attending was $59,503 (tuition plus living expenses).

Cost of Attendance (CoA) is the estimated total amount you will have to spend every year to go to school. Unlike tuition, CoA includes expenses like rent, food, and insurance.

University of Montana Law School employment outcomes

JD graduates from University of Montana make $62,000 (median) upon graduation if they work in the private sector. If they go into the public sector, a grad can expect to make $55,000.

46.2% of law graduates from University of Montana go directly to work for law firms, while 27.7% clerk for a judge. 4.6% of graduates go into public interest.

83.3% of University of Montana graduates pass the bar on their first try.

Some interesting facts about University of Montana Law School

At the Blewett School of Law you will thrive in an environment that integrates theory with practical experience. Learn to draft contracts, create corporations, counsel clients, negotiate transactions, prepare and probate wills, try a case before a jury and argue an appeal, graduating ready to practice the law.

In the third year, you will gain experience in faculty-supervised clinics representing real clients with actual legal problems in areas such as criminal law, environmental and natural resource law, American Indian law, bankruptcy law, family law and judicial practice. The clinic experience gives you the opportunity to pull together skills acquired in the first two years of law school and apply it.

University of Montana

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Anyone else waiting on a decision? I havent even gone under review yet
I've been under review since 11/29 :/ @accidentalthinkablewolf
$75 app fee, said they don't offer fee waivers, and stingy with money. Feels like they are kinda shooting themselves in the foot, the school might be in better standings if they played the game a bit more. Seems like they don't care if people attend or not.
My status says pending decision. Should I expect to hear back soon?
@SpookyPurringSloth: mine has also said pending final decision since 12/8 and no updates yet..
any updates for anyone from UM
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