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Class of 2027
First choice school:
Womens and Gender Studies
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1-4 years
paralegal, CNA, Retail, and food
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lau's wisdom for future generations

School apps

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
29 Boston College Pending RDregular decision
27 Boston University Pending RDregular decision
8 Columbia University Pending RDregular decision
5 Harvard University Pending RDregular decision
84 Loyola University—Ch... Pending RDregular decision
111 Michigan State Unive... Accepted RDregular decision $120,000 Nov 17 2023-11-17
10 Northwestern University Pending RDregular decision
22 Ohio State University Pending RDregular decision
80 Pennsylvania State -... Pending RDregular decision
1 Stanford University Pending RDregular decision
60 UCalifornia (Hastings) Waitlisted RDregular decision
10 UCBerkeley Pending RDregular decision
35 UCIrvine Pending RDregular decision
14 UCLos Angeles Pending RDregular decision
3 UChicago Pending RDregular decision
10 UMichigan Pending RDregular decision
16 UMinnesota Pending RDregular decision
78 UOregon Pending RDregular decision
16 USouthern California Pending RDregular decision
49 UWashington Pending RDregular decision
40 UWisconsin Pending RDregular decision
56 Wayne State University Pending RDregular decision


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I wrote a Top Ten about coins and put an asterisk on the ones you could see in DC and I think that helped express some interest in the location but that’s about it
okay ! i might try to squeeze it into my supplemental. tysm :)
@SunshineMine: got in and did not do a GULC
i wrote a paragraph at the end of my 3 page PS
sorry I was stalking lol
tbh i think they just wanna know if u care about their school
and their app in specific
so ya if u have a top 10 or answer another one of the GULC-specific optionals, u should be ok
yeah only thing i'd avoid is a super generic why gulc cause then it's like a waste of a document
esp cause they don't have a section for why gulc
true! mine was p specific and i had things to say so i wrote it
omg youre still applying to schools @sunshinemine
it's insane to expect people applying to ~10 schools to write an essay explaining why each law school is a super special snowflake
Yeah I of course did one of their optionals hehehe
finally got the Fordham A
idk about sunshinemine but i am! i have only submitted one app so far :)
i kinda wish i had the audacity to submit a "why x?" essay that just says "Why not?"
baller move if you ask me
If I had a 4.0 178 I might tried to be a little riske with the essays, show a little of my true personality
@SmilingMightyElk: yay!!
Crack a joke in an essay or something
I wrote a poem for my yale 250
All of mine have pretty dry jokes in them
if i somehow got a total fee/CAS waiver to a school i'd never want to actually attend i would submit "why not" as an essay
no idea if that will work or not, but its how I write anyway
I had some fun with my gtown app for the optional essays I picked the top 10 list lol
there weren't any jokes direclty in my PS but it was about how an article i wrote for a humor website got us served a cease and desist and our flailing attempts to figure out what to do
@WhatItDoBayBeee: what’d you write about?? :)
I also had fun with the interests section of my resume
Listening to a UVA podcast realized in December giving advice on how to do a UVA application and babes its a little late for that lol
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