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Class of 2026
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Political Science
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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
89 American University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $120,000 Nov 06 2022-11-06 Nov 07 2022-11-07 Nov 07 2022-11-07 Nov 30 2022-11-30 Dec 02 2022-12-02
29 Boston College Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 30 2022-11-30 Dec 01 2022-12-01 Jan 27 2023-01-27 Mar 30 2019-03-30
27 Boston University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 30 2022-11-30 Dec 01 2022-12-01 Dec 06 2022-12-06 Feb 01 2023-02-01 May 10 2023-05-10
80 Drexel University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $152,000 Oct 25 2022-10-25 Oct 26 2022-10-26 Oct 27 2022-10-27 Oct 27 2022-10-27 Nov 08 2022-11-08 Dec 02 2022-12-02
35 George Washington Un... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $0 Nov 17 2022-11-17 Nov 17 2022-11-17 Dec 01 2022-12-01 Dec 05 2022-12-05 Jan 03 2023-01-03 Jan 12 2023-01-12
15 Georgetown University Accepted, At... RDregular decision $60,000 Nov 30 2022-11-30 Dec 01 2022-12-01 Jan 18 2023-01-18 Jan 11 2023-01-11 Jan 24 2023-01-24
71 Northeastern University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $120,000 Nov 06 2022-11-06 Nov 07 2022-11-07 Nov 07 2022-11-07 Feb 07 2023-02-07
56 UColorado—Boulder Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $45,000 Nov 15 2022-11-15 Nov 16 2022-11-16 Nov 16 2022-11-16 Jan 03 2023-01-03 Jan 04 2023-01-04 Jan 13 2023-01-13
22 UNorth Carolina Waitlisted RDregular decision Dec 12 2022-12-12 Dec 13 2022-12-13 Dec 19 2022-12-19 Mar 22 2023-03-22
4 UPennsylvania Waitlisted RDregular decision Dec 03 2022-12-03 Dec 04 2022-12-04 Jan 17 2023-01-17 Jan 25 2023-01-25 Feb 13 2023-02-13 Feb 21 2023-02-21
43 Villanova University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $90,000 Dec 12 2022-12-12 Dec 13 2022-12-13 Dec 13 2022-12-13 Jan 23 2023-01-23 Mar 03 2023-03-03
45 William & Mary Law S... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $90,000 Dec 06 2022-12-06 Dec 07 2022-12-07 Feb 26 2023-02-26


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D or R?
That makes it a lot closer, but I'd still be a little biased towards Texas. The local connections you make there will be more helpful than the national ones you'd make at Georgetown.
politics is very much a local thing still.
Very true! I'm kind of thinking the same thing. Thank you so much. I appreciate it and it really does help a lot!!
My answers based on my experience as someone who hires corporate lobbyists in about 20 states, including Texas, though I am not a politician myself.
let's just put it this way, going to law school in Texas can Never be used again you in Texas - going to Georgetown could
Haha, I have definitely considered that possiblity!
and as you rightly say, connections are critical. Do as many politicians favors as you can. Get in and start volunteering for campaigns etc.
Will do. I'm only just beginning to but that only becomes more and more apparent the more I do.
Also consider small donations to candidates you really like. It does make a difference. Look at it as an investment in your future career.
Try and get really involved at the state level first. State assemblies are the best place to make connections. It's what I did and it has been paying pretty big dividends so far for me, thanking God for that
I will. Money in politics really is so essential
It's a lot easier than you would think to get in at this level as well. There is always a ton of work to be done and I'm sure your state rep would love to have an assistant that got into GT law
Thank you catman, I've definitely been leaning that way to start out. Glad to hear you're having success!
Thank you bro, dm me if there's any pointers I can give you
@catman: Thank you, bro. I'll take a pic to remember!
@LamentableGiftedBeetle: Also thanks again to you and your dad!
if i have more than average p/f grades due to covid + going abroad one semester will it be a big problem? nyu for example on lsac states they take into account ratio of p/f to graded courses though everyone knows abt the bot on lawadmissions that says p/f wont have any impact so not sure how to feel
It would be a lot better to run for politics in Texas, Texas has the best campaign finance laws in the country, as in it has none
if you make one good connection they can fund your entire campaign as an outsider/ anti establishment
That's how Ted Cruz got AG, he had a big donor who gave him a million dollars, and when he got mad that the press was chastising him for supported a republican as a gay man, he gave him another million, I know you're a D but just giving an example
I've actually looked, many outsiders last cycle in the Texas state house had more personal donors than special interests
@onetimesignin: That's very good advice. Based on everything I've learned so far, it definitely appears that would come in handy
Fool is I for giving advice to a democrat as I am a republican, but we're all in this together, lol
Only issued you'd run into out of state is the residency requirments, state house is easiest, but the requirments for senate and governor are increasingly more stringent in terms of length of residency
Yes, that's also something I have been thinking about as well!
Local politics is based, do it if you want to! Nothing to lose
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