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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
29 Brigham Young Univer... Accepted RDregular decision Nov 02 2021-11-02 Nov 03 2021-11-03 Dec 01 2021-12-01 Dec 16 2021-12-16
10 Duke University Pending RDregular decision Jan 07 2022-01-07 Jan 08 2022-01-08 Jan 10 2022-01-10
29 Emory University Pending RDregular decision Oct 27 2021-10-27 Oct 28 2021-10-28 Oct 28 2021-10-28
88 Lewis And Clark College Accepted RDregular decision $93,000 Oct 29 2021-10-29 Oct 30 2021-10-30 Nov 01 2021-11-01 Dec 20 2021-12-20
48 UColorado—Boulder Accepted RDregular decision $51,500 Oct 26 2021-10-26 Oct 27 2021-10-27 Dec 10 2021-12-10
24 UNorth Carolina Hold RDregular decision Nov 02 2021-11-02 Nov 03 2021-11-03 Dec 21 2021-12-21
72 UOregon Accepted RDregular decision $60,000 Oct 29 2021-10-29 Oct 30 2021-10-30 Nov 02 2021-11-02 Jan 14 2022-01-14
45 UWashington Pending RDregular decision Oct 30 2021-10-30 Nov 02 2021-11-02 Nov 03 2021-11-03
41 Wake Forest University Pending RDregular decision Oct 30 2021-10-30 Nov 01 2021-11-01 Nov 02 2021-11-02
35 William & Mary Law S... Pending RDregular decision Nov 03 2021-11-03 Nov 04 2021-11-04 Nov 04 2021-11-04
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@CanadaGoose: and then they had those scandals left and right
@CanadaGoose: maybe thats why corny is acting that way too, because they are increasingly moving down and now are trying to t3 it to save their lives
@NotTodaySatan: GULC class size is big. I think they might get 170, but I really think 171 like last year is almost impossible.
@highhopeslowgpa: Omg someone on Reddit posted that??
I just want Texas solidly in the T-14, they deserve it
Tbf, I have worked for and with lawyers who are truly not very smart haha
@FutureMarshallErikson: yes, someone supposedly above the average iq. A masterpiece of a post
turning on my ringer for the 800th day in a row
@CanadaGoose: lol last year in general is impossible. for sure we are going to see more WaitList movement than usual (at least that is what I tell myself) with all of these schools shooting their shot way too high lol
@NotTodaySatan: Gotta shoot your shot
aim high kings and queens
don't settle
thats why I said eff it and applied to Harvard and Stanford... fully aware im getting the dong lol
Maybe just maybe schools are gonna push themselves up to seat deposit deadline and quickly realize many applicants will not be attending and then panic admit a ton of median candidates
Please check my profile if you wanna see delusional shot shooting
first gen prof URM 5-9 yrs WE? Nah you got this homie
im not even shooting from halfcourt im outside the arena
I just went UR2 at WFU. Wave might be coming.
A lot going against GULC too. WashU in the distance buying elite students left and right. Those would be HYS enrollees, and those schools in turn have to fill those slots. They will, but this stuff trickles down.
@highhopeslowgpa: my sun 3 gpa is right there with you haha
@highhopeslowgpa: UCLA will take you count on it
computer stuff? Sexy AF
I think Northwestern should get kicked out of the T14 for not existing, then GULC and UCLA both get those spots
admitting median candidates what a novel idea lol
@ThreePlantLemming: Fire LSAT score though! I believe in u
if only it were true :(
BC update: they are currently understaffed and don't have a firm date when they will release decisions. They also said we should expect some to come-in today but it's not guaranteed. Basically, they didn't say shit.
woooooah yale
I think the fact we are seeing so many 75th median applicants to schools is because of the mayhem of last year and people playing it safe. This gives these schools a false sense of the ability to inflate medians another year in a row. In reality, these 75th median candidates will attend a better school and leave the other schools in the dust wondering what happened
@OneMillionTrout: haha I hope adcomms are as interested