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Applicant search - New York University

Found 39 matching applications.
Result User LSAT GPA Scholarship
Waitlisted ComplexClammyJellyfish 173 3.72
Waitlisted Koala123 173 3.78
Rejected Character and fitness issuesSoftSplitter24 173 3.75
Accepted GainfulCoolNeanderthal 173 3.7
Accepted InexpensiveImportedOriole 173 3.75
WL, Withdrawn SparkleOyster 173 3.78
Accepted AspiringWistfulTiffany 173 3.72 $30,000
WL, Withdrawn allmyexes 173 3.72
Waitlisted 2020admissionspain 173 3.71
Rejected NullPurringReindeer 173 3.75
Waitlisted RABRAMS 173 3.72
Accepted samseaborn12456 173 3.74
Rejected UnrulyLumpyDragon 173 3.7
Waitlisted AY94 173 3.71
Accepted Beckitty123 173 3.7
Rejected asar1 173 3.73
Accepted SC138 173 3.7 $0
Waitlisted EnergeticGorgeousCrab 173 3.77
Rejected MeepMorpZeepZorp 173 3.74
Accepted HallowedIllCapuchin 173 3.75
Accepted Ambiguous 173 3.75 $0
WL, Rejected helpimconfused 173 3.78
Rejected annoyedarab 173 3.74
Accepted Character and fitness issuesOverjoyedAbsentPorcupine 173 3.78 $75,000
Waitlisted CaptainZZS 173 3.7
Accepted AmericanBison 173 3.77 $26,000
Accepted ZonkedKnowingChin 173 3.72
WL, Withdrawn QuarrelsomeCrabbyFossa 173 3.75
Accepted jstczddy 173 3.71 $26,000
Accepted HushedSneakyGar 173 3.73
Waitlisted PsychoticDampLiger 173 3.76
Waitlisted metalggg 173 3.78
WL, Withdrawn SloppyTiger 173 3.7
Waitlisted applicant617 173 3.74
Accepted AggressiveDifficultFox 173 3.7 $26,000
Accepted Ashram1 173 3.76 $228,300
WL, Withdrawn jtwilson1214 173 3.76
Accepted tritiya 173 3.74
WL, Withdrawn Gazelle1237 173 3.76
* The data in this table is user-reported and may be inaccurate.


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score cancelled because they vaped during an exam
I told the admissions lady for UMich that I've never rooted for Ohio State a single time in my life
if we're citing sports as a reason for an A
(me, who took it at home specifically so i could vape in the bathroom during the break, quietly hiding over here)
posters fault for being dumb enough to do it on camera. skill issue
@SmilingMightyElk: Bronze I skill level lmao
(me, who unwrapped cherry jolly ranchers so they'd look like cough drops)
I used to put unwrapped mints in my pocket so I could sneak them; vaping on camera is a bottom-tier move
i really don't get why nic gum doesn't work for me. rationally i know i'm getting the same chemical i am addicted to, but it doesn't feel the same.
we all have oral fixations and vice problems, it's all about how you sneak it in
should you send a loci if you're moved to RD after not getting in from ED?
can't have gum during the test anyways
yeah but nic gum you just chew a few times and park it for a while
i literally quit vaping by chewing on paper clips, so we all have our thing i guess
lmao show me your ways elk, i've been considering getting one of those fum things with no nic vapor and seeing if that helps
i tried all of that stuff and it just made me feel worse. I cold turkeyed it and was just an asshole at work for a few weeks, didn't go out and party, and ended 5 years of vaping
^that's how I quit cigs
(im too old for vaping lmao)
as a teacher i don't know if i can afford to be an asshole at work lol but come summer i shall try
idk man plenty of the ones at my hs did it haha
omg any excuse to be an asshole to children should be taken
I gotta agree with elk on this one
you get to quit your addiction AND be a jerk to kids?
one of my math teachers used to play eye of the tiger and then tell us if we didn’t score well in her class we were gonna end up serving her at mcdonalds
[] ararara
I have sent eye of the tiger to one of my students before but never went that far with the McDonalds part
being a jerk to children was half the fun of being a lifeguard
[] ararara
Hilarious though thanks for that joke!
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