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Applicant search - University of California—Los Angeles

Found 35 matching applications.
Result User LSAT GPA Scholarship
Accepted InexpensiveImportedOriole 173 3.75 $90,000
Waitlisted 2020admissionspain 173 3.71
WL, Withdrawn RABRAMS 173 3.72
Accepted samseaborn12456 173 3.74
Accepted SavoryGruesomeDane 173 3.71
Accepted p12345 173 3.73
Waitlisted AquaticReadyRussel 173 3.77
WL, Withdrawn UnluckyComputer0 173 3.76
Accepted Beckitty123 173 3.7 $75,000
Waitlisted asar1 173 3.73
Waitlisted MichaelVick 173 3.7
Waitlisted pec1995 173 3.7
Accepted HallowedIllCapuchin 173 3.75 $100,000
Accepted Ambiguous 173 3.75 $70,000
Waitlisted helpimconfused 173 3.78
Waitlisted joebsmoove 173 3.71
Waitlisted annoyedarab 173 3.74
WL, Withdrawn TinyGargoyle 173 3.78
Accepted Character and fitness issuesOverjoyedAbsentPorcupine 173 3.78 $60,000
Waitlisted ZonkedKnowingChin 173 3.72
WL, Withdrawn QuarrelsomeCrabbyFossa 173 3.75
Accepted jstczddy 173 3.71
WL, Withdrawn HushedSneakyGar 173 3.73
Accepted PsychoticDampLiger 173 3.76
Waitlisted metalggg 173 3.78
Accepted ninthcircuitgroupie 173 3.75 $45,000
Accepted rejectedhamster 173 3.7
WL, Withdrawn SloppyTiger 173 3.7
Waitlisted applicant617 173 3.74
Waitlisted nathan-akers 173 3.73
Accepted picasso 173 3.78 $60,000
WL, Withdrawn AggressiveDifficultFox 173 3.7
Waitlisted doc527 173 3.76
Waitlisted Character and fitness issuesVrayyyyy 173 3.76
WL, Rejected BizarreLaboredKobold 173 3.74
* The data in this table is user-reported and may be inaccurate.


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last cycle i got a low of me responses in like april.... if this cycle is meant to be slower i might just decease
this cycle will be so slow it won't end
admin offices will just start saying "sorry guys not feeling it this year"
basically osu to this point
Do we think gulc will be 5pm EST?
who tf knows at this point
@UptightAloofBonobo: yeah that’s fair, i think ppl r generally guessing but based on last year dec 15-22 was a hot spot due to ED stuff and yale rainbow and then things pick up second week of jan since schools have had a lot of time w apps and have a good sense of pool atp
haha ik i was making a joke
and yeah gulc should release As anytime between 3-5:30 EST with possibly a hold/WL wave tmr
do we think nyu will have a wave this week?
looks like there were 4 waves in dec last year so that figures to be about once a week
or actually 2 cause one was nov 30th
mich and nyu tomorrow surely right
yeah, but mich needs a date change so I know im not catching that one
altho idk why my delusional ass cares abot mich atp i dont even have a second date change
hahaha fax
Why are we thinking that there will be a GULC wave today?
were all delusional here, its a pre-req
law schools waiting to see if China will invade Taiwan before making decisions
china won't do anything to taiwan. they need a boogieman to run propaganda with
bogeyman? idk
@YouJustGotLittUp: based on last year and so far gulc has been on point w the releases as per last year so it would be weird for them to deviate all of a sudden
Has anyone gotten a Chicago ii recently? I went complete 10/23 but dk if I missed a wave or could still get one
I (still) have not received an ii from Georgetown and I am getting scared lol
I went complete at Chicago on 10/16 (UR 10/25) and got an II on 11/13. I think that's been the only II wave so far.
@cloudsinmycoffee: no there’s only been 1 wave, we’re overdue for another ii wave (should have been end of nov)
I got my II for Georgetown last week (went complete on 11/6) so I'm sure the next II wave is coming soon
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