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Applicant search - Georgetown University

Found 31 matching applications.
Result User LSAT GPA Scholarship
Accepted ClumsyCapuchin 176 3.3 $180,000
Waitlisted Character and fitness issuesclobonacci 173 3.15
Accepted illegallybrunette 173 3.38
Accepted MoiraRose 173 3.06 $97,500
WL, Withdrawn DoctorPepper2 175 3.38
WL, Withdrawn Doctor-Pepper 175 3.38
Rejected CGARCHER 175 3.34
WL, Rejected DisturbedColossalCrane 174 3.3
Accepted mafalda22 174 3.4 $135,000
Accepted MeaslyFortunateWalrus 175 3.35
Accepted SuccinctSavoryRagdoll 177 3.16
Accepted GreasyAloofSeahorse 173 3.24 $120,000
Waitlisted 1v1meinRust 176 3.4
WL, Withdrawn VictoriousFortunateSquirrel 173 3.4
Rejected Character and fitness issuesDeeplyDisagreeable 173 3.3
Accepted SubstantialFaultyCuttlefish 177 3.25 $155,000
Accepted LawtermelonSugar 173 3.04 $120,000
Accepted LegallyBrown 174 3.4 $207,840
Rejected MysteriousTeenyWeenyDugong 173 3.1
Accepted LittleBananaSplit2121 173 3.2
Rejected Character and fitness issuesSplittsburghSteelers 173 3.1
Accepted NondescriptBreezySalamander 176 3.4 $105,000
Waitlisted BringBackZoey101 177 3.4
Accepted lawisfun1 176 3.0
Waitlisted NesleToulouse09 173 3.4
WL, Withdrawn Anonymous0L 173 3.12
Waitlisted LBKC 177 3.2
Accepted isthisreallylife 173 3.1 $127,500
Accepted JinxKat26 173 3.18 $110,000
Accepted NutritiousUnarmedKobold 177 3.02
Accepted sonnyvision 174 3.4
* The data in this table is user-reported and may be inaccurate.


General chat about the legal profession.
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hahah its one hell of a substance thats for sure
[] ararara
@bilygoat my friend is going to that! East coast right? I think
omg yes!!!!
I want to scream at work
no i actually really like travis scott, but i just find that alot of male manipulators like travis lol
@billygoat: I had Rob Cameron, I felt like it was my best interview so far. Felt way more relaxed than some of what i had read on reddit (ofc).
[] ararara
Have fun! Dance so hard you break your shoes apart!
No waves really today?
I will!!!!!
[] ararara
Seriously though, don’t wear good shoes lol
[] ararara
Comfortable but not good
@EmptyGoat: to my great shock that playlist was more hyperspecific than i remembered and tame impala isn't on it it's all just cancelled and cancelled adjacent emo bands from the mid 2010s.
someone tried to convince me that coldplay is male manipulator music
Im rocking sketchers dont you worry
i thought i had tame impala on there for sure
rip fob
[] ararara
lol Skechers hahaha you’re serious!
@BetterCallLSAC: astroworld was an amazing experience, thankfully i wasn't at the texas one lol
I cannot wait to see Creed
wait creed is back together
after travis scott kept playing during a deadly stampede, gotta be honest, can't look at him the same. Its a complex situation but maaaaan
Yes and they touring next year like everywhere
Creed as in the country neighboring Syria?
i didnt even know he was uncancelled
i've just been playing them on touchtunes in dive bars (i did get ghosted by a girl i went on a few dates with over creed but I think it was a trap on her part for keeping the CD in her car)
Creed is real deal American music
I went to the same high school as one of the members, and then I went to FSU where they formed Creed
If i applied to gulc last year my unpopular opinion essay would be that Nickleback is objectively good music
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