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Applicant search - Duke University

Found 15 matching applications.
Result User LSAT GPA Scholarship
Accepted sonnyvision 174 3.4
Waitlisted ClumsyCapuchin 176 3.3
WL, Withdrawn MoiraRose 173 3.06
WL, Withdrawn DoctorPepper2 175 3.38
Waitlisted DisturbedColossalCrane 174 3.3
WL, Withdrawn 1v1meinRust 176 3.4
WL, Withdrawn SubstantialFaultyCuttlefish 177 3.25
Accepted LawtermelonSugar 173 3.04 $114,000
Rejected LittleBananaSplit2121 173 3.2
WL, Withdrawn NondescriptBreezySalamander 176 3.4
Rejected lawisfun1 176 3.0
Waitlisted NesleToulouse09 173 3.4
Rejected StimulatingBoredPug 176 3.4
Rejected Anonymous0L 173 3.12
Waitlisted isthisreallylife 173 3.1
* The data in this table is user-reported and may be inaccurate.


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Quiet day…
too quiet....
[] ararara
LSD is about to go crazy! Just you wait!
gulc today (hopefully) but what else are we expecting?
i swear everyday is stupid quiet
I’m waiting…. 😅
on my balcony every day is stupid loud. my neighbors toke up like every day is the last
@ObsceneSnappingTurtle: that's what you meant, right
[] ararara
If today was my last day I can happily and honestly say I would be nothing differently
maybe if we all refresh our status checkers enough the schools will release decisions
if we all just show up for class in august at our top choices there is no way they can stop us all
[] ararara
@gaul idk I think the T14 has lasers
[] ararara
I think the T14 has laser beams*
i j think it’s gonna be slow this week, pick up next week and the week before christmas and then die out again until second week of jan when it starts to really pick up
@SidewaysGoat: might just have to pick up toking with your neighbors to make these days bearable
just wanna time travel to february, i'm going to go talk to christopher walkin at a BB&B
every. week we say it will be a slow week and the next week it will pick up haha
@UptightAloofBonobo: was thinking the exact same thing
last cycle i got a low of me responses in like april.... if this cycle is meant to be slower i might just decease
this cycle will be so slow it won't end
admin offices will just start saying "sorry guys not feeling it this year"
basically osu to this point
Do we think gulc will be 5pm EST?
who tf knows at this point
@UptightAloofBonobo: yeah that’s fair, i think ppl r generally guessing but based on last year dec 15-22 was a hot spot due to ED stuff and yale rainbow and then things pick up second week of jan since schools have had a lot of time w apps and have a good sense of pool atp
haha ik i was making a joke
and yeah gulc should release As anytime between 3-5:30 EST with possibly a hold/WL wave tmr
do we think nyu will have a wave this week?
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