George Washington University

Rank 27 (USNWR 2021)

Applicants for the class of 2025 , matriculating 2022

138 applicants for the 2021 - 2022  cycle
0/6 , 6 rejected, 5 waitlisted, 1 withdrawn
LSData Percentiles 25 50 75
LSAT 162 167 171
GPA 3.5 3.71 3.84
LSData Averages Rejected All Accepted
LSAT 163 166 170
GPA 3.48 3.64 3.76
Softs Tier 3.5 Tier 3.25 Tier 2.67
Scholarship - - $109,800
Days from sent to decision 46
Days from UR to decision 40
Interview invite rate -
Interview conversion rate -
URM LSAT differential -
URM GPA differential -

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School applicants

Name Result Last seen GPA LSAT GRE URM WE Scholarship Sent Received Complete UR UR2 Interview invite Decision
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Name Result Last seen GPA LSAT GRE URM WE $$$$ Sent Received Complete UR UR2 II Decision
Yes to question one, two, or a combination of the two?
Completed is a stack of apps, UR means it has been opened, you will be UR for the longest period of all the "status updates"
I am R&R. Last year I paid for CAS on Sept 15th. If I get all my apps in before Sept 15th 2021 will I have to pay for it again?
Thank you @NameNotImportant
@allymcbeal: I have already completed 2 apps and I was in a similar boat, still paid 45 per application.
Just went UR at UVA already. anyone else?
I'm not looking at statuses until November haha
@allymcbeal: CAS stays active for 5 yrs
so you won't need to pay the $195 fee for it again this cycle
Ohhhh my bad, didn't know they were talking about the initial processing fee. Yeah you are fine. I just meant you have to repay for each school individually again this year.
Thank you both! super helpful. I was worried about that initial $195.
New URL LSD. Getting fancy on us.
9:06 was my first choice but the squatters wanted $10,000 for it 😬
Squatters are lame
Is it better to use a LOR from a Professor or Employer? UT only allows 2 and I am conflicted because I have 3. One professor who has previously written one for me for a program, I choose him, and I still need to pick between the other 2. I have read the employer one but not the other professor's, any thought?
I am ED to UT because I am way below LSAT median so I am nervous about picking one.
What is the cost for quimbee?
And that's cycle done. Good luck everyone applying for 2022!
I think quimbee was at $119/yr, but I know they were having some trouble with the group subscription.
I can't see the subscription page anymore - anyone know what's up with that?
There is info on the quimbee page
@AC2022: Ideally, in most situations professor is more important to admissions that employer. Caveat to this is if you’ve been out of school awhile.
did anyone just go ur2 at uva....
Cc I think that makes sense since you’re ED
Cryptanon, I am a reapplicant and one of my old rejections keeps appearing as if it’s this cycle
Hey guys has anyone seen if the admins plan to setup a way for us to roll over to the enxt cycle or do we have to make a new account
or delete old data
i think its in the works but as of now you need to make a new acc
@ccplz: This may be a dumb question but this is my first cycle. Does the status page actually throw a 2 behind the UR. Or Does the date just change when you look at it?
@Lost-In-The-Sauce: the date changes when you look at it
And sometimes UR2 is UR2 of like 8, I wouldn't get to attached to the status checker. It all sort of happens randomly, but this site is great for noticing waves
@cryptanon and @NameNotImportant Thank you!
hey folks I blocked out the whole admissions process from last year - can someone remind me if we are supposed to make status checker accounts or do we get login info sent to us when they become available?
Login info gets sent to you
thank youuu
Did a GULC acceptance just go through? Was someone on the waitlist from last year??
Would anyone know if we should expect LSAT score medians to change for schools since last years crop was extremely different than usual (i.e. higher # of apps)
Did anyone go to the vandy info session last week and not receive any contact re: fee waiver? I'm 99% sure someone asked if we would be receiving fee waivers for attending and the person leading the session said we would
Anyone else already hear from Vanderbilt about an interview?
Summoning an ASU wave
anyone else waiting on the august lsat results?
Painfully waiting for results :)
unfortunately same here :')))
I'm hoping the next two days go by quickly lol
My Vandy app hasn't even gone complete yet lol - fingers crossed for everyone waiting on LSAT results
anyone elses Duke app UR
or Cornell?
yeah to both
how about Stanford
haven't applied yet
no other apps UR?
cus those are my only 3 UR
I think Duke gives some September results so fingers crossed lol
i have ucla as recieved but not complete
do you know when more fee waivers will come in
not sure, I just paid for most of the schools
Duke gave me a fee waiver though
so did UVA
i'm holding off on applications until i get fee waivers but i want to get it in early
i got duke but not uva yet
did you write why uva
in the process of writing one rn
gonna submit this week probably
good luck
thanks, you too
I have Duke and Cornell UR and my UVA app is pending review
I think most of the September decisions Duke made was under Priority Track which they don't have anymore so I'm skeptical we'll see results that early (though fingers are still crossed lol)
Oh, I didn't know about PT. Thanks
Is there a way to search only veteran applications? I see advanced search has every option but that one. Contact the admins?
I've gone UR2 at UVA and UR at Duke. It does look like someone has already been admitted to UVA ED though
Is early December too late for apps?
Be honest...
Also - got the UVA fee waiver last week but not Duke
@cryptanon: i like the update a lot, but i have noticed a couple bugs if you have a running list.
1. all statuses for my schools expand whenever i change anything in any school (ie adding a complete date)
2. graphs default to harvard from last cycle
3. abbreviations don't work like they used to (can't search asu, ucla nyu etc)
4. drop down menus open on click, but to type in a query you have to click again in a different search bar
minor things but overall the new update looks very clean. sorry to drop all of these at once lol
@NaturalKindBarnacle: this feedback is great!
1. is this still happening? 2. i'll update this so it defaults to the user's top choice. 3&4. will fix
@NotTodaySatan: generally, people say that to get the benefits of applying early, you should apply before Thanksgiving. So December I would say is on the cusp, but I wouldn't say it's "too late"!
Does Emory send a confirmation email that they received your application?
Yes - check your promotional folder that's where mine went
Because it's someone's name in the email address not admissions@whatever
Thanks @magnificentbrighthare
how quickly did yours arrive? I applied last night
I applied on the 5th and got my received and complete on the 8th
does anyone know how to add an app for 2021-22 cycle after applying to same school last cycle? Gives me an error and says I already have the school listed.
I just deleted my old ones but when I set up my status checker it shows both cycles on the drop down
@cryptanon: 1 is not happening anymore! thanks for the quick reply - i use the site so much and its looking awesome!
i'm glad it's working :)
@MagnificentBrightHare: can you say more or send a screenshot of this "when I set up my status checker it shows both cycles on the drop down" to
do you mean that the *school* status checker shows both cycles, which is reflected in your LSD profile when you click "check statuses"?
@cryptanon: yeah so for U Penn I applied last year and got rejected and now that I put my new app in they gave me the same status checker login info and there are taps on the status checker page that show 2021 and 2022. When I click plus on U Penn it shows both and sometimes it'll flip my result to rejected
ooo, i will fix that
Has anyone gotten status checker messages from Columbia, UMich or UMinn?
The application confirmation email from Mich says we won't be getting status checkers for a while—October, probably
thank you for the advice @tryingnottoobsess much appreciated!
anyone else unable to add some schools? when I try to add emory I get an "invalid" error
@blinky07: im having the same issue
@blinky07: fixed
@MagnificentBrightHare: i think i've solved the issue of scraping last year's app status, can you please confirm?
I have the same issue at @MagnificentBrightHare, and the issue is still appearing
@sheare: should be fixed now! try again and let me know
So now, my NYU reapplication is showing 2022 stuff, but UPenn's is showing that user credentials are invalid even though I logged in with the same UN & password combo manually through their portal
hm I'll fiddle around and see if the issue is on my end
if you're sure the login is correct, try waiting a little bit. LSAC status checkers act weird if you log in too frequently. that's why LSD has a 20 minute cooldown
Okay it looks like it's fixed
The only one that is still off is GWU since in their email, it looks like they're using LSAC's status checker?
@crytanon Most of my status checkers look like they are correct in only showing this years' status now but U Penn is still registering my 2021 status and keeps flipping red even when I manually put it in as pending. It may be because the status checker tabs on their status shows 2021 automatically and you have to toggle to 2022 whereas NYU is the reverse of that and the status checker drop down on LSData now only shows 2022
Most of my statuses are flipping red even with no change. Not a reapp
@MachoOutgoingLoon: probably happened because i changed the format of how statuses are displayed, and the bot caught that 'change'. shouldn't happen again
Do admissions counselors use the lsat score band?what is its purpose?
what is the correct format to add sent/received dates? I keep trying but it says all of my formats are invalid.
has anyone successfully gotten a georgetown fee waiver? mine was approved but it won't show up in my application
@littleleafloaf: there should be a little calendar that helps you input dates? but if that doesn't work then try MM-DD-YYYY
@cryptanon thank you! i think it was an issue with my using the Safari browser
anyone get a michigan status checker yet
i got a received email but no status checker login
applied last week
Are schools straightforward in saying which LSAT scores they consider when looking at an app (in terms of most recent vs. highest score)? I scored lower on the August exam than I did on the January exam and just want to know before spending a small fortune on applications again.
schools look at the highest score
anyone else misd the chaos of lsdata chat? i remember it getting crazy around December/February... it was enjoyable
yessss it was fast and distracting and I loved it
any consultants give any opinions whether this cycle will be more or less competitive?
I've seen a lot of people say "Ask schools for fee waivers. Most schools will give them to you." Do do you just email a school's general admissions address and ask or what?
@blinky07: patiently waiting for like november when more people have their apps in and the chat returns to its former chaotic glory
Also, does anyone know why Vandy doesn't want you to request an interview if you're applying ED to another school? If I don't request an interview for this reason, is it going to hurt my chances?
Vandy's alumni interview is mostly just a way to sell YOU on the SCHOOL, not the other way around. They don't want to waste their time setting up their very busy alumni only to be told "whoops sorry I just got into ABC school and can't do this interview anymore", ya know?
I need help guys
@HomeyOutrageousAntibodies: that makes sense haha, I'm just worried that they'll be all "ooo she wants some school so bad she'll pay $300K to attend" and view my app unfavourably lmao
Anyone know if we can add additional application cycles yet?
hey, wanted to let peeps know that Columbia is just now sending out emails that files are complete/received!
I know that's been worrying for some folks that sent applications two weeks ago
If people are worried 14 days after the start of the cycle, it's going to be a long year for them.
I've been saying for the past two years that the subreddit is a place where those with functional anxiety congregate lmaooo
For those of you who have been through the process, how did you remain sane while waiting?
you don't
staying off the sub once you have your apps in helps
Yeah, once your apps are in,
just designate a day every week (mine is friday at 5pm PST) where you come on here and check your status checker
but it really seemed like emails came out pretty quick, so I would just make sure you check your email every day towards the end of the day, especially the junk. This site didn't tell me the results before my email ever did and the timing of my decisions didnt really match up with any of my application time-twins
anyone have any news from michigan apps getting received and completed?
Michigan sent me an email when I applied confirming they got it and saying that they wouldn't be sending a status checker until sometime in October.
Anyone get a receipt/complete message or status checker information from UMinn?
Shout out to ASU for making one week decisions. Just FYI everyone, worth a shot to try them.
I'm def overthinking this but i received an "application received" email from one school yesterday and about an hour ago i just got another one??? is this concerning or just an error sending twice somehow
how big a deal is getting an unsolicited fee waiver from a school
@AromaticYieldingSquid: Definitely overreacting. It was prob a miscommunication thing, and they thought they didn't send you it or something
@pinkditor: I mean, it's not a guaranteed acceptance
@sheare: okay thank you fhdjsk i think i just kinda needed to hear it from someone else, it's very easy to get inside your own head and overthink things during this process
I relate. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a therapist for this cycle, if you can hahaha
Is there any reason why an RD applicant would go UR after me but get a decision before me?
I'm also RD
Who knows? The ad comms are juggling so many apps around, and that renders the UR indicators as speculative at best
what does ur mean
under review?
Yeah I'm hoping it's just a "that's just how things happen sometimes"
Yes UR is under review
anyone got a uchicago status checker yet? mine has no check mark next to the cas report even though it shows as sent on LSAC
Will applying in December put me at disadvantage? I’m considering retaking LSAT 4th time. Have gotten 160 twice and first one was canceled
@NaturalKindBarnacle: I would send them a quick email or call.
They've been pretty quick about sending received/completed emails
@WhimsicalComplexTuatara: Are your practice tests higher? December isn't a bit later than ideal, but one extra point is worth it.
@WhimsicalComplexTuatara: I'm also debating whether to take October or November, I feel like Nov I'd be more prepared but I don't want to apply so late
@NaturalKindBarnacle: Yes, I applied the morning of 02SEP and got a receipt email that afternoon.
For anyone who applied to Minnesota, I emailed their admissions office and they said they're experiencing delays in responding to applications due issues with their new database.
Round 2 law school apps let's do this!!!
@SecurityMatters: and in your status checker did you see all items were checked?
should i be worried i havent gotten status checkers from several schools i applied to on 9/10?
always take when you're more prepared IMO
3-5pts can be the difference between 0 dollars and 100k scholarship
from what I'm reading applying in December shouldn't hurt you too much just make sure you have everything else in your app ready to go. Last year I had hangup after hangup and got pushed to apply at the very end of the cycle so I decided to pull my apps and try this year instead
anyone else getting the "unknown error" for HLS?
@HereticalWarmAntibodies: just fixed "unknown error" for HLS
Thanks guys, I'm gonna take in Nov & feel so much better about it
@NaturalKindBarnacle: Yes, all boxes checked and application was marked complete on the 14th
thanks @cryptanon! Can you make it so that I can leave "first choice school" blank? I don't love that there is no option for "blank" so it is currently sitting on golden gate
and their super hot night school babes
Does anyone know anything about St. John's video interview?
@HereticalWarmAntibodies: so it wouldn't show up in your profile at all?
@cryptanon: I think a couple schools (I've noticed this w usc and washu) have changed their status checker systems? Like instead of logging via a separate status check username and password, the status checker link takes you to the LSAC login page and you have to log in with your LSAC account
@allymcbeal: Hey there! They said that they'd be open October 1st.
idk if anyone else has noticed that change w some schools' status checkers
yeah I think it's a new thing, kinda interesting. You just login with your LSAC instead of making a dedicated login for the school
I think its kinda weird though because GWU can't even get it to work lol
have you figured out how to configure it on lsd? i haven't been able to!
nope but I also haven't really tried so probably not the best data point. I've been doing those ones manually
@abjectchickadee: thanks for the heads up, i'll update the bots for those schools
Im pretty convinced they made that switch because of these automated checker sites
anyone go UR at Chicago
maybe, but it'd be far easier and more effective to add a captcha to the login page. could just be LSAC trying to improve and streamline the experience
im UR @ uchicago @spicymushyeel