(Part-time) Syracuse University

Applicants for the class of 2025 , matriculating 2022

16 applicants for the 2021 - 2022  cycle
0/7 , 2 rejected, 1 waitlisted, 2 withdrawn
LSData Percentiles 25 50 75
LSAT 153 156 161
GPA 3.2 3.41 3.48
LSData Averages Rejected All Accepted
LSAT 150 156 161
GPA 3.51 3.33 3.46
Softs Tier 3.5 Tier 2.88 Tier 2.83
Scholarship - - $74,953
Days from sent to decision 56
Days from UR to decision 33
Interview invite rate -
Interview conversion rate -
URM LSAT differential 0.5
URM GPA differential 0.41

School finances

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Elle Woods went here, 'nuff said.

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Data is sourced from ABA 509 disclosures and USNWR.

School applicants

Name Result Last seen GPA LSAT GRE URM WE Scholarship Sent Received Complete UR UR2 Interview invite Decision
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Name Result Last seen GPA LSAT GRE URM WE $$$$ Sent Received Complete UR UR2 II Decision
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Yeah i think 171 was a lower percentile than before
Does Columbia take most people they interview?
also someone said it yesterday, so nice to just not have to worry about GPA medians because i am so below all of them
Not worth complaining I’m in a good position still
@Split-gineer: probably me haha, thats my mentality
Haha it is 619 crap
@StressedLawDog: its okay! you have your own standards for yourself!!! just in the game of life youre f*ing crushing it
i scrutinize the small stuff too
@Posteriorgoat: last year, it says 59.72% of interviewees got in.
i wish i could've gotten just two more questions right on the LSAT
on lsd
I so desperatley wish I did
The year before was 66.67%
UT admitted two 171s yesterday with gpas slightlyyyt above mine. They may be coming down to earth
@ThreePlantLemming: stuck w me haha, i just don't have a clue what any GPA percentiles are at any schools
@bboo: I like that mentality!
@Split-gineer: I see them, but just don
t even consider them long enoug hto remember them haha
It's absolutely insane what the LSAT and this process does to people. This profession is disgusting in many ways.
exactly haha
@CanadaGoose: once we r off this website and Reddit we will come down to earth a bit
We do it to ourselves as well
The good news is that there are fields of law that are actually chill and populated with good people
@CanadaGoose: law as a profession in general exists because humanity can be pretty disgusting
I just don't understand how us news has every school by the balls like this
@StressedLawDog: It's true, we do.
Yeah we are talking about one of the most
Competitive professions during the most competitive era ever
so true, this site actually deterred me from applying or even taking LSAT for 2ish years
It’s nice to feel grateful we got this far