Applicants for the class of 2025 , matriculating 2022

3 applicants for the 2021 - 2022  cycle
1/3 , 0 rejected, 0 waitlisted, 0 withdrawn
LSData Percentiles 25 50 75
LSAT 161 162 163
GPA 3.3 3.4 3.46
LSData Averages Rejected All Accepted
LSAT - 162 162
GPA - 3.37 3.37
Softs - Tier 3.0 Tier 3.0
Scholarship - -
Days from sent to decision 49
Days from UR to decision 10
Interview invite rate -
Interview conversion rate -
URM LSAT differential -
URM GPA differential -

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(Part-time) Georgia State University
Elle Woods went here, 'nuff said.


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I'm going to reapply too but I need to start as soon as I can - gonna go to southwest for my 1L and, hopefully, be able to transfer to LMU for 2L.
southwestERN (I keep doing that)
Don't go to a school planning on transferring
@AbbyNourmal: I also have read that it's not easy to transfer. I get you about wanting to start ASAP, had to make the difficult decision of reapplying. I also want more $ If possible.
I know that it's a long shot but I can't afford to take the year off. I saw the numbers and there are quite a few transfers from SWL to LMU.
The programs are very similar - P/T Evening - but LMU is considerably better and they have an Innocence Project while SWL does not.
Anyone apply to deferral programs?
@AbbyNourmal: the thing to keep in mind with transferring is that yes, people are transferring from Southwestern to LMU but look at the GPA stats. The median GPA last year for LMU transfers was 3.38. The SW student handbook says their 1L medians are 2.8 with a min standard deviation of .7. By my quick math, that means you need to be in the top ~20% of your class to transfer to LMU. It's really hard to predict if you will do that well. Also, I would confirm that LMU both accepts PT transfers and a
...and allows transfers to be PT at LMU
I know that I have to be at the top of my class. Their Dean of Admissions told me to reapply. Their P/T program is similar enough to SWL.
Plus, I KNOW I need to AT least have a 3.0 to keep my scholarship. I'm not concerned about the GPA
@AbbyNourmal: Yeah, I think you just need to make sure you're informed. It sounds like you are. The fact that you need a 3.0 to keep your scholarship and 1L median is 2.8 is intentional too. Everyone thinks they'll keep their scholarship but last year 57/122 people @ SW with conditional scholarships lost them. It looks like your LSAT score is quite high for SW which is a good sign but the law school curve is brutal, so just go in fully informed!
I took 15 units last semester, worked two jobs, raised a teenager, wrote an honors thesis, and pulled a 3.6
@anew-again: I saw that - don't think it didn't scare the crap out of me!
@AbbyNourmal: That's definitely a good sign! It's just really different when everything is curved. Personally, I wouldn't take a conditional scholarship if I'm not comfortable walking away or paying full price and I wouldn't go anywhere planning to transfer unless I'm comfortable staying if transferring doesn't pan out
(Also I'm sure you know this but transferring typically means no scholarships)
I didn't but I really don't care. The LMU program is perfect for me.
That was the only scholarship they offered (plus books). I've asked to have it increased but I was only offered 15K/year from Vermont. I only applied to four schools. I'm limited because I can't blow up my 15-year old's life. Had to stay local.
@AbbyNourmal: I would also recommend trying to make connections with LMU before you transfer. Heard that helps.
I've already reached out to their Admissions Counselor
And the dean
@AbbyNourmal: 👍
@AbbyNourmal: I’m in a similar situation with Bama! I have a great scholarship for a regional school but am still on the waitlist at Bama. I’m possibly going to transfer if I can, but am okay with either situation. I’m local so that helps with either scenario thankfully.
anyone know where the "my stats twin" button is?
You can go to Applicant Search and type in the stats you're looking for.
@AbbyNourmal: I've heard moms say that law school was a piece of cake compared to raising children. I'm sure you're going to do amazing!
Also, Pepperdine hasn't waitlisted you like the rest of us so hopefully you'll get good news soon! Hoping we all get in
i hope i get off the waitlist at USC so i Can give my spot at Pepperdine to one of you deserving people
cycle is officially over